Friday, July 03, 2009

Back to College

Holidays are over and now, it's back to college time again. And again, I do not sound excited at all. Btw, who would when life in college is all about studying and exams? But, being back in college is not that bad. At least I get to hang out with my college friends here and meet the new juniors who are coming next week. Life's just got to go on!

I got myself back to college 2 weeks ago and got my apartment a small makeover. Well, we just added an extra table so, we can cook and boil water there. Plus, we got our tap water fixed and installed our washing machine. This means no more washing clothes using hands! I'm very satisfied.

Classes are as usual except that we had some of our initial lecturers changed. Well, we got better lecturers this time coz' we're seniors now and will be sitting for A2 soon. Really hope I can cope well with my studies!!!

Btw, there are some things that I am super excited for! Initially, my friend and I were supposed to go to Perak for the TYF camp. But, I realised it is going to be on Monday and my college has classes on Monday. So, we had to cancel the plan. So, now, we are planning for a Melaka trip! Btw, I can't wait for August too! I'm not going to elaborate about it. Just wait and see! Hehe..

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