Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tennis in BBST

I finally get to play tennis here in Sepang after just 1 year of staying here. I actually had my tennis rackets with me since last year but, the ones who can play didn't have theirs. So, we had to postpone our tennis plans until 2 weeks ago.

I managed to drag Christine with me coz' otherwise, I would be the only girl there. The tennis courts are located just about 5 mins drive from my college. There are 2 courts there. Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of people who come to play there. Seems like tennis is quite popular here too. Haha..

Me serving!

Christine, the super squash player..

I felt so good to be able to play again after months of MIA in tennis. Christine and I played doubles with 2 girls during our first time playing there. It really reminded me of the old times when I played doubles for competitions. I really miss those times!!!

Christine doing the 'Sharon's Pose'.. Lol~

Me love tennis!


With the guys...

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lynnx01 said...

Doink! Ask you to play in Miri, sik mau. Over there, so enthu pulak.