Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Kitty Spotted!

Not all of my friends know that I like Hello Kitty. It’s weird, I know. But, the truth is, I really like Hello Kitty and I think it’s really cute!


I don’t own a lot of Hello Kitty stuffs except some keychains and an abandoned blog. It’s really difficult to keep it alive since it’s already not an easy thing to update this blog regularly.

Btw, I’d already mentioned how I fell in love with Hello Kitty here. But, I don’t mind sharing it here again. It all started when I got the golden opportunity to go to Japan for the Lions Club Youth Exchange for a month. Before, I used to hate it. I thought it’s a very cheap icon and wondered who on earth will like such a thing. But I was wrong. At the moment I stepped into the Hello Kitty shop in Fukuoka, I was stunned. My host sister whispered to tell me that this is one of the most expensive shops there and I had to agree. For the first time of my life, I started to think that Hello Kitty is actually cute and pretty!

I know I sound so weird but, that’s the truth. I like Hello Kitty! Lol~

Btw, I spotted Hello Kitty while I was in Ning Jie’s car waiting. It was on the car in front. Guess where?!

26092009777 copy

It’s on the car’s tyre flaps! So cute. Didn’t know there would be such a person who would do so to his/her car.

I may be a Hello Kitty person but, I’m not obsessed with it. I’m more practical which means, not everything that I have must be Hello Kitty-fied. Take my new pair of crocs for example, I’d rather get a simple beach crocs than the new Hello Kitty version because I think it’s more practical to match them with my clothes.

But, somehow, I just want my friends to know, Hello Kitty is really cute!  

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I did most of time…

Here’s some photos on what I did most of the time during this break.

Going to the new Bintang Megamall with sisters and cousins is definitely a must everytime I come back. And this time, I bought this fake, nerdy glasses! And it’s only RM2. 

16092009729 copy

So nerd!!!

18092009733 copy

With 7 kuku!

Besides going out with the besties, I also met up with my other schoolmates. We went to watch Final Destination: Rest in Pieces which I thought was illogic and disgusting! I had a great time with them coz’ I haven’t been laughing this much for a very long time! And all those talking nonsense and craps really made me miss the good old times. I miss Ming Chai’s good, and sometimes stewpig, sense of humour.

240920091535 copy

With Jia Ying, Siu Ang, Wei Huei, Sut Yung, Ellis, Ming Chai and Vivian!

I also got the chance to eat Excapade Sushi at Brunei again! This time, no diarrhea. Ning Jie drove us, three sisters, there to have an Excapade lunch. We also went junk food shopping! Some are so much cheaper than Miri.


Yummy California Rolls!


Sashimi Salmon~ My favourite!


Okonomiyaki. Not nice at all coz’ it didn’t taste like the original one I had in Japan. =(

We, cousins, also had lunch together! We had pizzas and it was just a great time chit-chatting. I really miss all those cousins’ outings. Gonna have more of this when I come back end of this year!


Mimi, Lynna, Ah Ning and me! (Ning Jie, Da Jie and Abel were there too)

So, that’s basically what I did during the whole break. I guess I’m guilty enough to say that I did not even study! Muahaha… So, this means that I will have to double the hard work when I get back to college. =( Please continue to remember me in your prayers!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My besties!

There are 2 pendants hanging on the necklace around my neck. Each was from my 2 best-est friends. The cross from Michelle and the heart from Joaquina. These 2 girls had been with me since Form 1 and we had great times since then. They really taught me a lot and I thank God for blessing me these 2 great sisters!


3 of us in 2004 (I think…), at Cineplex watching the movie: I do, I do.

On Friday, I met my bestie, Michelle at Tasty Point for our last laksa lunch before she leaves for UK. Yummy! I might consider bringing my college friends there for laksa. After lunch, we went to Imperial Mall and walked for a while. We bought silver rings too which I kind of like wearing now. When I was just about to leave, my another bestie, Joa, called and asked me out to eat crabs with her for dinner. Knowing her love for crabs, I agreed.

At night, we went to Seng Kee Restaurant (near Mega Hotel) for the crabs. I don’t eat crabs coz’ I’m allergic to seafood. So, we ordered other dishes like bilin (My favourite vege!) and the restaurant’s famous tofu. I almost forgot Joa doesn’t eat vegetables and I was so surprised when she ate the bilin! I’m so proud of her coz’ she is starting to eat the food she once had to force down her throat.

Joa munching on the 1kg of yummy butter crabs!

Me love bilin!

After about an hour there, we left and went to buy Secret’s Recipe cake for Michelle. We got her the yummylicious Chocolate Indulgence. Then, we went to her place to surprise her! It didn’t take a long time for her to guess where we were as Joa’s car was right in front of her house. so, we went in for a while to chit-chat before leaving.

3 of us again at Michelle’s house…

Michelle is now in Birmingham. I’m really proud of her and hope she likes the place. I’m going to miss her loads. I don’t know when will I get to meet her since I’ll be leaving for India next year. But, no matter what, you’ll always be my best-est friend forever! May God bless you in everything you do.    

A picture of Michelle when watching movie at Ning Jie’s house years back… Lol!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I’m so lazy. This is what I love about holidays. You can always be lazy for as much as you can without feeling guilty! But, not for now.

I haven’t been studying lately. I knew this would happen coz’ I can never study when I’m back home and it’s kind of a silly thing for me to do. Why? I hardly have a break in college and I’m constantly studying 24/7 and since I have more that a week long of holidays, I rather spend it doing things with my family and friends. But… Maybe I shall study a little bit later. Lol!

Btw, I met up with Agnes just before she left for Czech on last Wednesday. Bet she’s having fun there now! What a blessed girl… I’m going to miss having her around. She’ll always be my good friend who always accompany me during the lonely weekends and also studying in CR. Hope you like the place there, girl!


Friends Forever!

Also, I dug out ErJie’s acoustic guitar. The Suzuki acoustic guitar is really good. Love the resonance and easy to strum and pluck too. Last night, I played Amazing Grace outside at the patio and Hei Gou was there. I think she likes the guitar coz’ she laid down near me and her tail was moving rhythmically. So cute! But, ErJie told me that Shoo doesn’t like guitar. =( Maybe I shall play more songs and make him like it! 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Model Wanna-be

Correction, plus size model. Lol! But I hope I can scrap the words ‘plus size’ ASAP.

It was the one fine night when I requested my room mate to help take photos of me dressed up in my new cardigan, tank top and some accessories that I just bought for WGTGFashion. Then, we got carried away and I ended up photoshop-ing most of the photos.


One of my first few pictures. Love my purple purse!

Since Ivan was online, I got to ask him for some advice on how to photoshop the photos. It’s hard explaining things over on MSN so, I just did some trials and errors.


With Suraya’s guitar :)


I just like holding the purse and guitar at the same time… Lol!

On the next day, I decided to put on some make-ups and wear something different: My ROMP brown shirt with Nichii black vest. We decided to expand our set and we went outside to the balcony and also outside the apartment corridor for the photo shoot. It’s so funny trying to take photos when at the apartment corridor coz’ when I was trying to pose, we heard someone walking up so we quickly dashed into the apartment until the coast in clear. Lol!

edited32  I think this outfit has a lil’ of rockish element…


One of my favs! Took this photo just right outside my door. There was always this ladder at our corridor so, I borrowed for a while :)

I’m still trying to learn how to photoshop the photos. I really want to know how to create the gothic look and also how to add fake make-up. There are loads more that I want to learn. I need someone to teach me please. :) Maybe after my A-Levels course larr… And meanwhile, I have to be disciplined and go on a diet!


Me love this! Although I held the guitar in an awkward position but, I really like it!

Hope you guys like the pictures. :) I hope there’ll be more coming!


I was bored for these past 2 nights. Lazy to study coz’ just finished trials. So, I did some things in my apartment. Some useful things…

I finally folded all my clothes and iron them. I haven’t been folding or arranging my clothes for almost a week! I just put them into my basket and left them there the whole time. I don’t know why but, I think I just don’t like folding them. Just call me messy.


Ironing my clothes! So tiring…

So, on that very Friday night, I just felt like doing it. Maybe it’s time to put a stop to this bad habit. So, I gathered my energy and arranged my clothes. Besides, I managed to iron all of clothes! Hehe… I’m so proud of myself coz’ I haven’t been doing so for a long time. 11092009723

My clothes in my wardrobe with the medicines supplies too :)

So, I managed to arrange all my clothes into my wardrobe. As usual, I arranged them according to colours. It doesn’t really matter but, I like the consistency in doing so that I adopted this habit. I think it’s a good habit.

And now, seems like there is a pile of clothes for me to wash and more clothes to be arranged and folded again! Again and again and again… :(

Can’t wait to go home!  

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Celebration

My housemates and friends planned a surprise for me a week after my exams. It was quite unexpected because I thought the cake surprise was already the surprise they planned. But, that’s not the end…

Before I start, I just want to let you all know that I got a band 8 for my IELTS exams! I’m so happy because I really wanted an 8 and I thought I did badly at the writing part. But, God is so good! He bless me a band 8 and I’m really happy about it. ;)

Ok, let’s get back to the birthday surprise. Honestly, I am traumatised. I don’t want any birthday surprises anymore, please! But, I’m really touched that my housemates and friends spent the time planning everything. I feel so guilty honestly…


Some of my friends who planned the birthday surprise!

They brought me to Alamanda blindfolded. I knew we were going there and I had even planned to shop for certain things there. But, somehow, my housemates got my blindfolded and made me walked from my apartment all the way out to the bus stop outside college. Then, I got into the van.


Outside 2-3-A2

On the way to Alamanda, my friends revealed their plan to me. And pity me, I panicked. And what’s their plan? To bring me to a blind date. I’m so, so –_-||. It wasn’t fun guessing who.


It was just my friend from college who goes to the same church. I feel sorry for him coz’ my crazy friends made him wear a singlet and boxers. And the funny thing is, he really reminded me of Kim Teck who wore the same thing during Mufti Day 2007.


Mufti Day 2007… Some kind of de javu I guess? Lol!

So, after that, we went separate ways. I went to do hair treatment since my hair is in quite a disastrous condition. Not very disastrous but, I could feel my hair was in a bad condition. Thanks to Dove, my itchy scalp and dandruff is back. Hmph! But, my hair is so much better and smells cocoa butter. Hehe…


Toilet photo shoot!

We went to watch The Ugly Truth. Well, the movie was OK but, I strongly disagree with what they say about relationships. They are portraying the wrong ways of having relationships so, little girls, don’t learn anything from this movie OK? Read more Joshua Harris’ books if you want to learn more on relationships – though I have yet to read them.


I saw this very cute Hello Kitty in the arcade! Love Kitty-chan ;)

After movie, we went to eat dinner. We had a hard time finding place to eat coz’ the restaurants were all fully booked. So, we split and I went to eat Sushi King. It was quite nice eating there after getting diarrhea twice due to sushi. But, I didn’t get that from Sushi King. Lol~


My favourite sushi! Michelle’s favourite too… ;) (My hair after the treatment)

After dinner, we went walking around for a while before proceeding back to college.

Honestly, I am very traumatised. Don’t know how many times I have to say this but, I’m happy for what my friends had done for me. I’m really touched and thank you so much!!! Muaks to all of you girls!

Btw,I’ll be celebrating next my birthday in India. Don’t know whether I should be happy or sad… Hmm…

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Malacca Day 2 – Night Out

Oh me goodness… I almost forgot I haven’t update my posts on my trip to Malacca! Ok… There are some more posts to go and this is the continuous from Day 2.


Me, Sarah and Daniel dancing Jaiho while waiting for Jun Mei..

At night, Jun Mei brought us to Jonker Walk again! This time, we went to try the best Nyonya la            ksa in town. Jonker at night is really different coz’ they have all the small stalls set up and there are loads of people there too. We had fun walking and looking at the things they sell while on the way to Nyonya laksa.

And behold… The yummylicious Nyonya laksa!!!


Yum!!! Love the laksa so much!

We all love the Nyonya laksa. My first time eating it and I love it! It’s very different from our Sarawak laksa so, I couldn’t say which is better. I was told that there is no curry powder at all in the Nyonya laksa soup. Wonder how they made this awesome food…


Beautiful laksa and ice-kacang!

We also had ice-kacang! I think the best part about it was having durian in it. Love the durian flavour. Yummm… But, my favourite part of ice-kacang is the green jelly! Hehe…


The making of ice-kacang


Yum.. We ordered a few flavours like durian, chendol, ABC and some more interesting ones…

After dinner, we went walking again. Walk, walk and walk. I bought a silver chain for myself since mine broke about 2 months ago. I bought it for just RM15 after discount. Hehe… Besides, we also enjoyed the toys they had at the small stalls. The other 4 got electric shocked after playing with the made-in-China toys. I didn’t coz I ‘kena’ before by Janice so, I learned my lesson. Lol~


Walking Jonker Walk

After walking for a while, we decided to rush to the boat ride. We had to walk all the way back to the car. So tiring! We were really hoping to for the boat ride but, unfortunately, it was closed already. So, sadly, we went to eat supper.

Supper was really good! We had burger ‘maut’. It was really good. Although it was just an ordinary Ramly burger, they really made it so delicious that I thought the chicken burger was really chicken! Yummm…


Yummylicious burger ‘maut’!

And that’s all for Day 2. There’s one more post for Day 3 so, stay tune!

Sunday, September 06, 2009


I’m 19 years old. Time really does fly and it seems like yesterday I was just 17!

It’s not my first time celebrating my birthday during exams period. 1st time was when I was 12. I was sitting for UPSR at that time and my birthday happened to be on the 2nd day of the exam. Being so stubborn and lazy, I refused to study Science. So, I ended up getting a B for it. I’m the only one in my family that didn’t score straight As for UPSR and I was really disappointed at myself. I really felt stupid at that time. But, things changed better when I got to secondary school.

2nd time was when I was 15. I could still remember I was sitting for my PMR trials exams. Determined not to repeat the history again, I promised to study hard and not take my birthday as an excuse to be lazy. My 15th Birthday was really one of my most favourite. I didn’t do much on that very day. I didn’t receive a lot of presents or any surprises from friends either. But, I really felt that it was a very personal birthday celebration between God and me. It’s so difficult to explain the feelings here but, trust me, I really felt so good. Not to forget to mention, I had a great birthday breakfast with my parents on that day!

And now, on my very 19th Birthday, I had to celebrate it with Physics and Chemistry. Sad but, I did enjoy it. Although I had tough times trying to focus studies on that day, God managed to calm me down and guide me to finish the chapters. And… I got a very cute surprise from my college mates! My housemates were really sweet that they planned to surprise me at 12 midnight of September 3. I know they had a hard time planning because I kept reminding them about my birthday and telling them my birthday wishes! And I could easily see through their actions too! But, I was really touched. They gave me a black dress, a pair of earrings and a butterfly hairclip! So cute… Also, Mandy posted a parcel to me and it was a photo album containing all the secondary school pictures including my ugliest picture!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you! THANK YOU so much for all of these. And also THANK YOU to all who text messaged and facebook-messaged me all the birthday wishes. Thank you so much and May God bless you all! Muaks!


P/s: I have yet to upload the pictures onto my laptop. Gotta grab them from my friends first. So, stay tune for pictures!