Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I’m so lazy. This is what I love about holidays. You can always be lazy for as much as you can without feeling guilty! But, not for now.

I haven’t been studying lately. I knew this would happen coz’ I can never study when I’m back home and it’s kind of a silly thing for me to do. Why? I hardly have a break in college and I’m constantly studying 24/7 and since I have more that a week long of holidays, I rather spend it doing things with my family and friends. But… Maybe I shall study a little bit later. Lol!

Btw, I met up with Agnes just before she left for Czech on last Wednesday. Bet she’s having fun there now! What a blessed girl… I’m going to miss having her around. She’ll always be my good friend who always accompany me during the lonely weekends and also studying in CR. Hope you like the place there, girl!


Friends Forever!

Also, I dug out ErJie’s acoustic guitar. The Suzuki acoustic guitar is really good. Love the resonance and easy to strum and pluck too. Last night, I played Amazing Grace outside at the patio and Hei Gou was there. I think she likes the guitar coz’ she laid down near me and her tail was moving rhythmically. So cute! But, ErJie told me that Shoo doesn’t like guitar. =( Maybe I shall play more songs and make him like it! 

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jameswong said...

Hi Lynthia - email me yr email. Want to send you photo taken during our breakfast at Yakin. :p Uncle James