Monday, September 14, 2009

Model Wanna-be

Correction, plus size model. Lol! But I hope I can scrap the words ‘plus size’ ASAP.

It was the one fine night when I requested my room mate to help take photos of me dressed up in my new cardigan, tank top and some accessories that I just bought for WGTGFashion. Then, we got carried away and I ended up photoshop-ing most of the photos.


One of my first few pictures. Love my purple purse!

Since Ivan was online, I got to ask him for some advice on how to photoshop the photos. It’s hard explaining things over on MSN so, I just did some trials and errors.


With Suraya’s guitar :)


I just like holding the purse and guitar at the same time… Lol!

On the next day, I decided to put on some make-ups and wear something different: My ROMP brown shirt with Nichii black vest. We decided to expand our set and we went outside to the balcony and also outside the apartment corridor for the photo shoot. It’s so funny trying to take photos when at the apartment corridor coz’ when I was trying to pose, we heard someone walking up so we quickly dashed into the apartment until the coast in clear. Lol!

edited32  I think this outfit has a lil’ of rockish element…


One of my favs! Took this photo just right outside my door. There was always this ladder at our corridor so, I borrowed for a while :)

I’m still trying to learn how to photoshop the photos. I really want to know how to create the gothic look and also how to add fake make-up. There are loads more that I want to learn. I need someone to teach me please. :) Maybe after my A-Levels course larr… And meanwhile, I have to be disciplined and go on a diet!


Me love this! Although I held the guitar in an awkward position but, I really like it!

Hope you guys like the pictures. :) I hope there’ll be more coming!


:: keanie-weanie :: said...


To start off, it's really nice pictures and I love how you pose! And you look lovely.

However, picture wise, I personally don't like pictures that are too edited unless I purposefully do it. Ahah. Too much contrast and too little natural feel kills a picture for me. Some of the pictures look a little too edited.

=) Just my two cents. But you look great!

ps. I can't see you anymore. =(


LingDi said...

Haha.. Tnx! Should ask you to take the pictures for me right..
Yeah, I actually wanted to over-edit them coz' pictures' quality not very good. Still learning lar. But, my fav pic will still be the last one. Hehe.. I still got to learn the proper way of editing. :(
Ya!!! Can't see u anymore.. :( Nvm la.. Next time when you're back, maybe can meet again. Just before I leave for India lar.

LX said...

What camera did you use?

Btw.. plus size model! aahha.. not bad lah. They don't look like KTT at all... ahahhaha

LingDi said...

Some use the olympus and some use oanna's canon. all quite old camera. nice ler?
sometimes ktt got nice place to take pics esp for those emo kind..

Sherp said...

I love the pics~ u have gd poses.. and i love to take "emo" pics haha. its hard to take happy pics. bt i love ur expressions in the photos.
my fav is the ladder one :) very nice!
we can hav photoshoot when i go to miri :D yippee!

LingDi said...

Hehe! Tnx so much! I think you can do so much better emo pics than me. It's my first time though. I always take happy pictures. Haha:)
We gotta have our own photoshoot when u're back k?!

JanJan said...

EMO!!! haha!
but seriously tho, nice pics thia.. you look hawt!
made me remember the stupid random pics we took in my room last time with chelle and quina.. haha! :)
maybe go buy photoshop for dummies.. (if there is one) hahahahahha!

LingDi said...

Haha! Tnx.. Btw, I remember the pics we took!! Where are they now?? I wanna see.. Haha:) Haha.. No need use the dummies.. Ask Ivan to teach ok dy..