Monday, September 14, 2009


I was bored for these past 2 nights. Lazy to study coz’ just finished trials. So, I did some things in my apartment. Some useful things…

I finally folded all my clothes and iron them. I haven’t been folding or arranging my clothes for almost a week! I just put them into my basket and left them there the whole time. I don’t know why but, I think I just don’t like folding them. Just call me messy.


Ironing my clothes! So tiring…

So, on that very Friday night, I just felt like doing it. Maybe it’s time to put a stop to this bad habit. So, I gathered my energy and arranged my clothes. Besides, I managed to iron all of clothes! Hehe… I’m so proud of myself coz’ I haven’t been doing so for a long time. 11092009723

My clothes in my wardrobe with the medicines supplies too :)

So, I managed to arrange all my clothes into my wardrobe. As usual, I arranged them according to colours. It doesn’t really matter but, I like the consistency in doing so that I adopted this habit. I think it’s a good habit.

And now, seems like there is a pile of clothes for me to wash and more clothes to be arranged and folded again! Again and again and again… :(

Can’t wait to go home!  

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