Sunday, September 06, 2009


I’m 19 years old. Time really does fly and it seems like yesterday I was just 17!

It’s not my first time celebrating my birthday during exams period. 1st time was when I was 12. I was sitting for UPSR at that time and my birthday happened to be on the 2nd day of the exam. Being so stubborn and lazy, I refused to study Science. So, I ended up getting a B for it. I’m the only one in my family that didn’t score straight As for UPSR and I was really disappointed at myself. I really felt stupid at that time. But, things changed better when I got to secondary school.

2nd time was when I was 15. I could still remember I was sitting for my PMR trials exams. Determined not to repeat the history again, I promised to study hard and not take my birthday as an excuse to be lazy. My 15th Birthday was really one of my most favourite. I didn’t do much on that very day. I didn’t receive a lot of presents or any surprises from friends either. But, I really felt that it was a very personal birthday celebration between God and me. It’s so difficult to explain the feelings here but, trust me, I really felt so good. Not to forget to mention, I had a great birthday breakfast with my parents on that day!

And now, on my very 19th Birthday, I had to celebrate it with Physics and Chemistry. Sad but, I did enjoy it. Although I had tough times trying to focus studies on that day, God managed to calm me down and guide me to finish the chapters. And… I got a very cute surprise from my college mates! My housemates were really sweet that they planned to surprise me at 12 midnight of September 3. I know they had a hard time planning because I kept reminding them about my birthday and telling them my birthday wishes! And I could easily see through their actions too! But, I was really touched. They gave me a black dress, a pair of earrings and a butterfly hairclip! So cute… Also, Mandy posted a parcel to me and it was a photo album containing all the secondary school pictures including my ugliest picture!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you! THANK YOU so much for all of these. And also THANK YOU to all who text messaged and facebook-messaged me all the birthday wishes. Thank you so much and May God bless you all! Muaks!


P/s: I have yet to upload the pictures onto my laptop. Gotta grab them from my friends first. So, stay tune for pictures!


raindrenchedflowers said...

Where got 'see through our actions'?! Haha we weren't that bad come on, were we now?=P (frm me and keebo!) =D

LingDi said...

Ahem.. I knew that Yasmin was going OU to buy my pressie and another time was when you guys asked me to go into the room and off the lights! Haha..

lynnx01 said...

OMG u so thick skin.. reminding ppl about your birthday some more!! shouldn't lah. i won't ever want people to celebrate my birthday for me.

LingDi said...

Where got?! I just don't like to be perasan.. You know.. The feeling when u perasan ppl will do smth for u but in the end no.. Btw, I also won't want ppl to celebrate for me too.. It was just a joke which all of us always do when our bdays are near..