Saturday, February 28, 2009

It is believed...

It is believed that Miss Lynthia is at a certain campsite having camp at the moment. So, I, Hammer the Spammer is here to throw you some updates.

Today the weather in Miri has been cooling with slightly some drizzle. It is a fine Saturday morning with Hammer paying a visit to her favourite dentist, Dr Bob. Hammer found out that she has a buried wisdom tooth which requires a minor one-hour surgery. Yikes!! Horrors of horrors.

Anyway, I penned down this 'dental' experience simply because Lynthia Wong is going to pursue a career in dentistry. See? I always try to make my pieces relevant to the owner of this blog, afterall. 

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Monday, February 23, 2009

KTT CNY Celebration

KTT CNY was a blast! I really enjoyed it and yes, I think it's my most favourite KTT event so far. I was one of the members in the Publicity committee and was invovled in choir performance. Well, I didn't do much though compare to my friends who were involved in so many performances. They were all awesomely talented!

Team Publicity! Member missing: Kok

I was kinda disappointed at first coz' I didn't have any red tops! I did have 2 CNY dresses but they weren't the 'haemoglobin' red that my choir leader wanted. So, I had a problem getting one. But, thank God Maddy, my neighbour staying 1 floor down, was willing to lend me her red top. So, I was very relieved about it.

Loads of us wearing the 'fa chai' colour!

Man See-nizer and me!

CLian, Me, Hui Zhi and Man See

So, moving on about our KTT CNY, we had Lion Dance performance to start off the event. Then, we had our college's Director to officiate the event by writing the word 牛 and performed the 'lao sheng'. Then, there's where the real fun began! We had fan dance, modern salsa dance, band performance, sketch, solo performances and choir. Superbly awesome!

'Lao Sheng'

Scooby's friend, Lion!

Fan dance led by Jene =)

Jun Mei's super nice solo performance...

One of KTT's great singers, Ah Xia!

Nora playing 'pipa'...

Superb band performance! Didn't know there are loads of musically talented scholars here...

Sketch about Beautiful Banana...

Our choir team!

We even had an open floor dance after the adults left. Well.. I didn't really dance. I was just mingling around with my friends. Plus, I was wearing wedges so, couldn't jump up and down. Haha! But, we really enjoyed ourselves. It was really a great event and really hope we can have this again when we go India. ;)

Foot loose!

We just gotta take a pic with the Lion coz' there wouldn't be one there =(

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who say I can't celebrate Valentines Day?

Well, guess what?! I celebrated Valentines Day. Who say we can't do that if we're couple-less?

Unlike other normal Valentines celebrations, I celebrated it with my college friends and church youths with a nice, romantic candlelight dinner. Not only that, we even had an experienced counselor to share with us about True Love. Interesting huh?!

I think what we did was more meaningful than some Valentines couples.. No offense but, at least we did learn more about True Love. There are all kinds of love; Family love, siblings love, friends love, love with people among us and etc. We don't really need to celebrate Valentines with our particular lovey-dovey couples but also with the ones whom we love. And most importantly, we must always remember the One who provides and loves us unconditionally.

This is what I learned about True Love. How about you?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extension? What extension?

Hi, I cannot stop apologising over and over again for being here. Yes, this is another article brought to you by Hammer the Spammer. Miss Lynthia might be so furious that the next thing I know, she would probably change her password and I can no longer access her blog to express myself her.

Forgive me!

Anyway, today, I have a good insight to bring to you. I want to introduce to you a little computer lesson. Have you ever wondered why we need file extensions? For example, a photo in jpeg format has a name called photo1.jpg

In fact, there are a range of file extentions which make life easier for both the system and myself. If I see leehom.mp3 I would probably guess it must be a Lee Hom's song, not some random photo of Lee Hom. But if it is leehom.jpg, then I would definitely know this is must be a gorgeous Lee Hom picture.

File Extension Library helps make your life easier when it comes to file extensions. Find out more about 3g2 if you are curious enough.

What's faith?

I may just stop hammering

Hello everybody! 

I think this is fun - to keep people guessing who is actually Hammer the Spammer. Sorry for dropping here so often. I, the Hammer, is currently jobless. That explains why I am so free to come here and cheer you guys up!

So, why do we all blog? It is a trend which become a booming thing some years ago. I do not know about Miss Lynthia Wong, but I, Hammer, started blogging in the year 2001. Ah, I have exposed how old I am, haven't I?

Blogging is fun because it is a way to keep in touch and to express yourself. However, nowadays, more and more people are looking into having their own domains. So, you might want to start checking out web hosts and providers. Which one to choose? Which one to take?

Fret not, readers. Drop by web hosting rating to get a clearer idea on which web hosting providers you should choose from. Since there are so many choices out there, you may be blinded and left undecided. Indecisiveness is the last thing we would want. So, look - dig into the web hosting directory and find out which one suits you the most.

Time to get your domain, yes?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Which road to take?

Hi, this is actually Hammer the Spammer again. Pardon me for my frequent presence here. I promise I would run away soon. After I am done. Meanwhile, Hammer is a pathetic 23-year-old who is jobless at the moment.

So, what am I to do? Play some Online Poker? Doesn't sound too fancy an idea to me. I do want to earn some bucks but I ain't sure if I should play games. Well, some people need to play games to destress but me? I am not sure. 

Let me digress a little.

See the photo up there? I am just making this up, alright. Now don't go around spreading rumours that Lynthia Wong wants to go IMU. She just happened to take a photo in front of the IMU building and I completely made that up. Lynthia is going India.

Hey, that rhymes! Lynthia is going India.

As much as I was hoping she doesn't go India, this is the road she has taken. 

Back to a Hammer-like topic. 

I, Hammer, have been quite slacking. I mentioned, didn't I? I think the best thing on tv is probably sports at the moment. I so, so dig tennis. No, it doesn't have to do with a name that rhymes with 'tennis' but I just love the game. I love how the racket is like a real powerful weapon and the tennis ball is like the bullet. It is fascinating. I wish I could conquer this racket game. While I do not play a good game of tennis, I enjoy watching it on the tv.

In Dubai now, Ana Ivanovic is meeting Serena Williams in the second career meeting. Serena and Ana.. hey, their names rhyme too!

What's with me and words that rhyme?

Poke the coke, peeps. Tame the game. Shoot the boot and hit the pit. Whatever. Gah.

Hammer says, "Be green!"

Hi, I am sorry I sound like I am spamming this blog but hey, this is Hammer the Spammer again here to enlighten you all while Miss Lynthia is probably in a self-conflict trying to decide whether to study chemistry or biology. Or physics, for that matter.

Today, I, the Hammer wants to bring across a very important message about the environment. I think 'go green' is like the new pink. It is something that has to be etched into everyone's mind before the earth is destroyed by our filthy human hands.

Previously, a group of student was promoting 'Go green' by bringing our own containers to the campus instead of packing food with polystyrenes. I think it was a tremendous effort. My housemate and I reminded each other and we actually participated in it. If only everyone could try to put in a little effort. Maybe say "no" the next time you see the cashier putting your purchase into a plastic bag. It saves the environment. It is actually vital.

The "Go Green" message is not only restricted to individuals. Companies and large corporations should start getting into the 'green' mode as well. Travel companies should not be excluded. Travel Marketing is a large market out there. If one travel company can come up and make a difference, I believe many lives would be touched and transformed. People get influenced in the right way. The effect is almost domino-like. It is a huge impact overall.

Even a simple thing such as 'e-ticketing' or dealing via email instead of faxes could save tons of papers. Papers come from trees and we can save trees and so on and so forth. It is really exciting if we come to think about it.

Be green today. It is the new pink.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No WATER in KTT, BBST and some say Sepang!

Guess what?! No water again in KTT for this weekend. =( This weekend is supposed to be a fun, relaxing and great weekend but suddenly, no water!

This time, we didn't receive any news on why there's no water. We're just praying hard that there'll be water later at night. Please pray for us...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrating Chap Goh Mei

I just realised Chinese in West Malaysia don't really have reunion dinner on Chap Goh Mei. But, they do throw mandarin oranges to the lake/sea which, most of us from Sarawak don't do so. Since I can't celebrate it with my family this year, my friends and I decided to go out for a different kind of reunion dinner! There were 8 of us, 6 Sarawakians, 2 West Malaysians.

Me, Sarah, Catherine, CL, Sue Ting, Agnes, Kok and Vanessa

We wanted to eat Chinese food but, couldn't find a Chinese restaurant. So, we ended up eating at RasaMas. Food there was quite satsifying. But, the chicken wasn't hot enough and the coleslaw wasn't cold enough. Others were quite OK.

Ordering RasaMas!

At Secret Recipes with RasaMas balloons =)

After dinner, we went to Secret Recipes for some cake. I ordered this fabulous Trans-Fat Free Peach Cream Cake! Haha... Just curious about the trans-fat free issue! =)


Well, it's bad to celebrate Chap Goh Mei here at all. But, there's just one thing that we miss; Chinese food!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

After CNY Holidays...

I had never felt so homesick before since studying here in KL. Honestly, this is my very few times feeling depressed for quite a long time. OK... Maybe not that long but, for a few days. (You know me.. I'm quite a happy-go-lucky person so, won't feel that depressed easily lar~) I cried whenever I thought of home. The more I thought of how long I have to be here, the more I cry. However, I realised that I shouldn't be like this and to see this as something God has planned for me. This is what He wants me to face and I must have faith in Him. I must really thank Chelle too. When I didn't know who to talk to, suddenly, I saw her online and just went to message her. And she really told me a lot of things. I really appreciate it, Chelle. Thanks!

Enough about all these depressing things... Now, I'm going to share about the NCMC Amazing Race! Since coming to KTT, I had to make a choice of which church to go to. After trying all the churches, I decided to go to Nilai Chinese Methodist Church. I really like the church, the pastors and people there. Although it's a Chinese-English service, I find that I could understand what the pastors are talking about. I really feel comfortable there.

Recently, I joined the Amazing Race organised by the youths. I was quite excited as I really like Amazing Race and also wanted to get to know the youths there. The activity was organised in Nilai INTI. INTI is super big! I really like the place.. Why can't I study there? =( Our 1st task was to make CNY cards. It was quite interesting as I am a noob when it comes to art. We had an animal to represent ourselves. I chose horse! (Ke-de-kut ke-de-kut.. Haha!) After that, we had to find one of the people in-charged for the some oranges. We actually got our first task wrong but, quickly recovered and continued to run the race. After tracking down the people in-charged of the clues, we had to find 10 people to give the oranges to and take pictures with them. It was quite an easy task as there are a lot of passer-bys.

Me and my team!

Later, we had a short break before continueing the race. The next task was to match the pictures. We had to find where the pictures given were taken. This task was really difficult for the KTT-ians as we were not familiar with the place. But, we managed to track 7 of the 10 pictures. Next, we had to find a hidden clue and proceed to the van to go to Uncle and Auntie's house. It was very tiring to run but, it was a good exercise for us. =)

At Uncle and Auntie's house =)

When we were at Uncle and Auntie's house, we had a lot of food. It was really a good fellowship. We got to hear stories from Uncle about how he knew his wife and so on. Their kids are very cute too. They really made me miss Zi Xin and Yan Zi a lot. After visiting them, we proceeded to one of the church member's house for BBQ! I had loads of fun talking and getting to know new friends.


CL, Adrenaline, Auntie HF, Agnes and Me!

After 1 whole day of Amazing Race, we finally reached KTT at around 10pm something. Btw, did I mention about my severely-attacked-by-mosquitoes legs? I think I better wear long pants for BBQ next time -_-||

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

I love CNY! I love the fellowships with family, relatives and friends. It just feels so nice to spend time with them!

CNY eve was really fun! The food was great and after dinner, the kids played Monopoly: World Edition while some of us played our homemade Taboo. After a few easy rounds, Koko sponsored to buy the real Taboo. So, NingJie drove us to Parkson to get it. I must really admit that the real Taboo is real difficult. But, we had a great fun playing it. Mimi was so cute trying to get her team to guess the word 'gum'.

Delicious food!!!

My Taboo team and I =)

We had open house on the 1st day. We had some friends over to our house for some nice mee sua and other food cooked by Mummy's colleague. It was quite a tiring day but, I really enjoyed it! I met some friends and juniors whom I haven't seen for quite a long time. It was really good to see them again.

Mimi, Abel, Lynna, Ah Ning, Me and ErJie.

Yummy food on 1st day of CNY!

Edric, Chiat and Edric's friend, whom I heard is a piano genius from Subang.

2nd and 3rd day were the usual visiting days. 4th day, I went out visiting with my besties. We visited quite a lot of houses. The weather was very wet but, it didn't wash away our CNY visiting spirit! By the end of the day, I was actually bloated and was super exhausted. Ate too much I guess.. Haha!

ErJie, Lynna, Ning Jie and I at YiPoh's house on 3rd day of CNY!

Samreet! I kinda like his new hairstyle..

Mandy and me =) Spot QiYing behind us? Haha!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Diarrhea Attack! Again...

=( I had a bad diarrhea again.. And because of this, I sadly decided that I better avoid my favourite Japanese sushi next time. I do not like having food poisoning at all! I couldn't sleep well on Friday night and even vomitted all the food I ate. The next day, diarrhea attacked me.

Joa also got food poisoned and she claimed it was the greentea which was left overnight that caused the food poisoning. What a coincidence! -_-|| My condition worsened again later on that day, so my parents brought me to MCMC. I received an injection to relieve my stomach discomfort and also some medicines.

And last night, my lil' sister, was suffering from a really bad stomachache that she vomitted so many times. So, Mummy got her to MCMC again. Pity her.. She had to miss her 1st day of school after CNY holidays.

Btw, I am really, really sad that Fed didn't win Aussie Open last night! I was really hoping he would win his 14th Grand Slam title but, Nadal just have to always stop him. =( I really think Fed should have win. He really played well with all the wonderful strokes he hit. Fed was really sad and disappointed that he cried when he receieved his runner-up plate. This really showed how important this title was to him. Hmph!

Nevermind this, Fed. I believe that he can still win more Grand Slam titles this year although many thinks his era is over. We just have to wait and see...