Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

I love CNY! I love the fellowships with family, relatives and friends. It just feels so nice to spend time with them!

CNY eve was really fun! The food was great and after dinner, the kids played Monopoly: World Edition while some of us played our homemade Taboo. After a few easy rounds, Koko sponsored to buy the real Taboo. So, NingJie drove us to Parkson to get it. I must really admit that the real Taboo is real difficult. But, we had a great fun playing it. Mimi was so cute trying to get her team to guess the word 'gum'.

Delicious food!!!

My Taboo team and I =)

We had open house on the 1st day. We had some friends over to our house for some nice mee sua and other food cooked by Mummy's colleague. It was quite a tiring day but, I really enjoyed it! I met some friends and juniors whom I haven't seen for quite a long time. It was really good to see them again.

Mimi, Abel, Lynna, Ah Ning, Me and ErJie.

Yummy food on 1st day of CNY!

Edric, Chiat and Edric's friend, whom I heard is a piano genius from Subang.

2nd and 3rd day were the usual visiting days. 4th day, I went out visiting with my besties. We visited quite a lot of houses. The weather was very wet but, it didn't wash away our CNY visiting spirit! By the end of the day, I was actually bloated and was super exhausted. Ate too much I guess.. Haha!

ErJie, Lynna, Ning Jie and I at YiPoh's house on 3rd day of CNY!

Samreet! I kinda like his new hairstyle..

Mandy and me =) Spot QiYing behind us? Haha!


James Wong said...

Great...great... c-h-e-e-r-s!

LingDi said...

Uncle James,
Tnx.. Happy CNY to you! God bless.

Sherp said...

looks so festive with the food and company! hehe