Thursday, February 19, 2009

Which road to take?

Hi, this is actually Hammer the Spammer again. Pardon me for my frequent presence here. I promise I would run away soon. After I am done. Meanwhile, Hammer is a pathetic 23-year-old who is jobless at the moment.

So, what am I to do? Play some Online Poker? Doesn't sound too fancy an idea to me. I do want to earn some bucks but I ain't sure if I should play games. Well, some people need to play games to destress but me? I am not sure. 

Let me digress a little.

See the photo up there? I am just making this up, alright. Now don't go around spreading rumours that Lynthia Wong wants to go IMU. She just happened to take a photo in front of the IMU building and I completely made that up. Lynthia is going India.

Hey, that rhymes! Lynthia is going India.

As much as I was hoping she doesn't go India, this is the road she has taken. 

Back to a Hammer-like topic. 

I, Hammer, have been quite slacking. I mentioned, didn't I? I think the best thing on tv is probably sports at the moment. I so, so dig tennis. No, it doesn't have to do with a name that rhymes with 'tennis' but I just love the game. I love how the racket is like a real powerful weapon and the tennis ball is like the bullet. It is fascinating. I wish I could conquer this racket game. While I do not play a good game of tennis, I enjoy watching it on the tv.

In Dubai now, Ana Ivanovic is meeting Serena Williams in the second career meeting. Serena and Ana.. hey, their names rhyme too!

What's with me and words that rhyme?

Poke the coke, peeps. Tame the game. Shoot the boot and hit the pit. Whatever. Gah.

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