Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hammer says, "Be green!"

Hi, I am sorry I sound like I am spamming this blog but hey, this is Hammer the Spammer again here to enlighten you all while Miss Lynthia is probably in a self-conflict trying to decide whether to study chemistry or biology. Or physics, for that matter.

Today, I, the Hammer wants to bring across a very important message about the environment. I think 'go green' is like the new pink. It is something that has to be etched into everyone's mind before the earth is destroyed by our filthy human hands.

Previously, a group of student was promoting 'Go green' by bringing our own containers to the campus instead of packing food with polystyrenes. I think it was a tremendous effort. My housemate and I reminded each other and we actually participated in it. If only everyone could try to put in a little effort. Maybe say "no" the next time you see the cashier putting your purchase into a plastic bag. It saves the environment. It is actually vital.

The "Go Green" message is not only restricted to individuals. Companies and large corporations should start getting into the 'green' mode as well. Travel companies should not be excluded. Travel Marketing is a large market out there. If one travel company can come up and make a difference, I believe many lives would be touched and transformed. People get influenced in the right way. The effect is almost domino-like. It is a huge impact overall.

Even a simple thing such as 'e-ticketing' or dealing via email instead of faxes could save tons of papers. Papers come from trees and we can save trees and so on and so forth. It is really exciting if we come to think about it.

Be green today. It is the new pink.

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