Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrating Chap Goh Mei

I just realised Chinese in West Malaysia don't really have reunion dinner on Chap Goh Mei. But, they do throw mandarin oranges to the lake/sea which, most of us from Sarawak don't do so. Since I can't celebrate it with my family this year, my friends and I decided to go out for a different kind of reunion dinner! There were 8 of us, 6 Sarawakians, 2 West Malaysians.

Me, Sarah, Catherine, CL, Sue Ting, Agnes, Kok and Vanessa

We wanted to eat Chinese food but, couldn't find a Chinese restaurant. So, we ended up eating at RasaMas. Food there was quite satsifying. But, the chicken wasn't hot enough and the coleslaw wasn't cold enough. Others were quite OK.

Ordering RasaMas!

At Secret Recipes with RasaMas balloons =)

After dinner, we went to Secret Recipes for some cake. I ordered this fabulous Trans-Fat Free Peach Cream Cake! Haha... Just curious about the trans-fat free issue! =)


Well, it's bad to celebrate Chap Goh Mei here at all. But, there's just one thing that we miss; Chinese food!!!

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