Sunday, February 08, 2009

After CNY Holidays...

I had never felt so homesick before since studying here in KL. Honestly, this is my very few times feeling depressed for quite a long time. OK... Maybe not that long but, for a few days. (You know me.. I'm quite a happy-go-lucky person so, won't feel that depressed easily lar~) I cried whenever I thought of home. The more I thought of how long I have to be here, the more I cry. However, I realised that I shouldn't be like this and to see this as something God has planned for me. This is what He wants me to face and I must have faith in Him. I must really thank Chelle too. When I didn't know who to talk to, suddenly, I saw her online and just went to message her. And she really told me a lot of things. I really appreciate it, Chelle. Thanks!

Enough about all these depressing things... Now, I'm going to share about the NCMC Amazing Race! Since coming to KTT, I had to make a choice of which church to go to. After trying all the churches, I decided to go to Nilai Chinese Methodist Church. I really like the church, the pastors and people there. Although it's a Chinese-English service, I find that I could understand what the pastors are talking about. I really feel comfortable there.

Recently, I joined the Amazing Race organised by the youths. I was quite excited as I really like Amazing Race and also wanted to get to know the youths there. The activity was organised in Nilai INTI. INTI is super big! I really like the place.. Why can't I study there? =( Our 1st task was to make CNY cards. It was quite interesting as I am a noob when it comes to art. We had an animal to represent ourselves. I chose horse! (Ke-de-kut ke-de-kut.. Haha!) After that, we had to find one of the people in-charged for the some oranges. We actually got our first task wrong but, quickly recovered and continued to run the race. After tracking down the people in-charged of the clues, we had to find 10 people to give the oranges to and take pictures with them. It was quite an easy task as there are a lot of passer-bys.

Me and my team!

Later, we had a short break before continueing the race. The next task was to match the pictures. We had to find where the pictures given were taken. This task was really difficult for the KTT-ians as we were not familiar with the place. But, we managed to track 7 of the 10 pictures. Next, we had to find a hidden clue and proceed to the van to go to Uncle and Auntie's house. It was very tiring to run but, it was a good exercise for us. =)

At Uncle and Auntie's house =)

When we were at Uncle and Auntie's house, we had a lot of food. It was really a good fellowship. We got to hear stories from Uncle about how he knew his wife and so on. Their kids are very cute too. They really made me miss Zi Xin and Yan Zi a lot. After visiting them, we proceeded to one of the church member's house for BBQ! I had loads of fun talking and getting to know new friends.


CL, Adrenaline, Auntie HF, Agnes and Me!

After 1 whole day of Amazing Race, we finally reached KTT at around 10pm something. Btw, did I mention about my severely-attacked-by-mosquitoes legs? I think I better wear long pants for BBQ next time -_-||


lynnx01 said...

I tell you, it is not a good idea for you to try to come back home during that Awal Muharram weekend. It is so short, it is going to make your homesickness worse. Trust me, it is just going to make you feel even more miserable. I have learnt from my mistake and I do not want you to do the same, so you better not do it. Last time I kept coming back because of Mama being in the hospital. So, please. Don't make yourself miserable by coming back.

Chelle~ said...

Aww your race seems so funnn!!! Xp And you're welcome =) Hope you don't still feel homesick!! <3