Monday, February 23, 2009

KTT CNY Celebration

KTT CNY was a blast! I really enjoyed it and yes, I think it's my most favourite KTT event so far. I was one of the members in the Publicity committee and was invovled in choir performance. Well, I didn't do much though compare to my friends who were involved in so many performances. They were all awesomely talented!

Team Publicity! Member missing: Kok

I was kinda disappointed at first coz' I didn't have any red tops! I did have 2 CNY dresses but they weren't the 'haemoglobin' red that my choir leader wanted. So, I had a problem getting one. But, thank God Maddy, my neighbour staying 1 floor down, was willing to lend me her red top. So, I was very relieved about it.

Loads of us wearing the 'fa chai' colour!

Man See-nizer and me!

CLian, Me, Hui Zhi and Man See

So, moving on about our KTT CNY, we had Lion Dance performance to start off the event. Then, we had our college's Director to officiate the event by writing the word 牛 and performed the 'lao sheng'. Then, there's where the real fun began! We had fan dance, modern salsa dance, band performance, sketch, solo performances and choir. Superbly awesome!

'Lao Sheng'

Scooby's friend, Lion!

Fan dance led by Jene =)

Jun Mei's super nice solo performance...

One of KTT's great singers, Ah Xia!

Nora playing 'pipa'...

Superb band performance! Didn't know there are loads of musically talented scholars here...

Sketch about Beautiful Banana...

Our choir team!

We even had an open floor dance after the adults left. Well.. I didn't really dance. I was just mingling around with my friends. Plus, I was wearing wedges so, couldn't jump up and down. Haha! But, we really enjoyed ourselves. It was really a great event and really hope we can have this again when we go India. ;)

Foot loose!

We just gotta take a pic with the Lion coz' there wouldn't be one there =(


lynn-w said...

wow, cool! u didnt perform??


lynnx01 said...

Eh, Shoo doesn't like lion.. remember? He kept barking..