Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who say I can't celebrate Valentines Day?

Well, guess what?! I celebrated Valentines Day. Who say we can't do that if we're couple-less?

Unlike other normal Valentines celebrations, I celebrated it with my college friends and church youths with a nice, romantic candlelight dinner. Not only that, we even had an experienced counselor to share with us about True Love. Interesting huh?!

I think what we did was more meaningful than some Valentines couples.. No offense but, at least we did learn more about True Love. There are all kinds of love; Family love, siblings love, friends love, love with people among us and etc. We don't really need to celebrate Valentines with our particular lovey-dovey couples but also with the ones whom we love. And most importantly, we must always remember the One who provides and loves us unconditionally.

This is what I learned about True Love. How about you?

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:: keanie-weanie :: said... depends on what you define as meaningful.

You sure can celebrate it on your own. It's a myth that it must be celebrated as couples. It's a myth that really destroys people's lives.

Here's a bit more about the types of love. I hope your counsellor has shared this with you.

The first is Phileo Love. Phileo is the love formed in long term relationships. It endures. It's usually formed between parent-child, friends and in a couple. This is a necessity in these three relationships, for without, the relationship is not worthy to be called a relationship as it is set on selfish motives. It's very important in a couple, if not, things will be rushed and the most important part of being a couple-being just friends will be skipped.

The second is Eros Love. Eros comes from the word Erotika which means physical love. It can ONLY be expressed between man and wife, under the sacrament of a marriage. It is not to be rushed like what is happening in our world today. It is strong only when the relationship is till death. If not, it will cause so much hurt, all that we see in our world today. If the circumstances are right, eros love is used and ordained by God to bring man and woman as one, as created, and to be a very healthy way a married couple expresses their love.

The final is Agape Love. The love that transcends all. Phileo love must be brought to a greater height in a Christian's life. Agape love can only be expressed by God. But we have the capability to mirror it. To reflect it. We cannot attain true and whole agape love, because it's unconditional. It's absolutely unselfish. All love must grow to agape.

There you go. A couple can celebrate vday as a couple, whether they should or not is up to their personal beliefs. But you are right. We cannot forget our family and especially the ONLY ONE who can give us agape love.

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