Thursday, September 29, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 is...

Congrates to Daniel! He had won the title of Malaysian Idol 2, captured 68% of the votes and also 1.2 million votes from the viewers. He deserves it as well!!!

Friday Night Finale:

Daniel: He performed it so good and full of passion. He sang three songs, Mimpi, Angin Malam and Heaven Knows. It was GREAT! He did a splendid job. The best song was Angin Malam where it won the hearts of the viewers as well as the jugdes. He is TALENTED!

Nita: She was also great on that night. She did a good job. She showed up her strong voice and vocals. The best performance among her singings was the song Mimpi.

Daniel's winning is well deserved. He is so talented. He has an unique talent that I think of all top 11 of Malaysian Idol 2 don't have. He can sing very well, playis violin, piano and gitar. It is indeed a talent that we all seldom meet. So, his winning the title of Malaysian Idol 2 is well deserved.

As for Nita's fans, please don't critizise him anymore. He desevres it too. Nita is a good and talented singer. No matter she wins or not, she is still a winner no matter what in all of you guys. So, please don't complain about the results.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Finale!

Malaysian Idol 2 Finale:
Malaysian Idol 2 finale was astonishing and great! This year's contestants was competitive and EQUAL. What I meant is that both has the same standard and none of them is better than each of them. But, what impressed me was Daniel. He was really good and performed WELL and GREAT and I think he can establish to be a more and better artiste. As for Nita, she was ok, and performed quite well too. Anyway, I support Daniel. That's why I am saying him good not because of his look, but his talent in music. Nita might win but, if Daniel has no luck in this competition, he might be more popular not only in Malaysia but, if he is lucky he will get his fame in chinese countries as in, Taiwan. He might establish to be an artiste in chinese music industry. Do the best and hope for the best!
Well, tonight will be the Malaysian Idol 2 finale Result show. So, hopefully Malaysian's favourite will win and I don't know who will that be. Anyway, I will still prefer Jac because she has THE VOICE that I don't think anyone of them has. Anyway, i hope Daniel and Nita will enjoy their best and just relax coz' at this satge, they are really good and are artiste. So, do the best and hope for the best!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thank the Lord!

Thank the Lord that Mama is OK now. She went to Kch on Thursday for a stent orperation by an expert from India. The operation was on yesterday and it went smoothly and successfully. Thank the Lord and Mama is now coming back to Miri tonight and the next one will be the bypass operation. Please pray for her so that God will strengthen her and protect her.

PMR - 16 Days!
Well, PMR is 16 days away. I am now doing some quick revise on the notes. Then, I will do a lot of exercises so that I can improve more. Plus, I also must not be nervous or scared. Please please pray for me for PMR on 3rd Oct so that I will do my best in it and score the best. Please and thank you. Whatever happen, I will always believe in Him.

Well, I think I better not online anymore. I will try to and will concerntrate more on my studies and plus, also on God.

P/S : Planetshakers are coming to MIRI!!! Anyone interested, please do come. It's on 17 and 18 Sept 2005, Dinasty Hotel Ballroom. Admission is FREE! So, if you are not going anywhere or doing anything, please feel free to come! Remember, ENJOY!!!