Saturday, September 24, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 Finale!

Malaysian Idol 2 Finale:
Malaysian Idol 2 finale was astonishing and great! This year's contestants was competitive and EQUAL. What I meant is that both has the same standard and none of them is better than each of them. But, what impressed me was Daniel. He was really good and performed WELL and GREAT and I think he can establish to be a more and better artiste. As for Nita, she was ok, and performed quite well too. Anyway, I support Daniel. That's why I am saying him good not because of his look, but his talent in music. Nita might win but, if Daniel has no luck in this competition, he might be more popular not only in Malaysia but, if he is lucky he will get his fame in chinese countries as in, Taiwan. He might establish to be an artiste in chinese music industry. Do the best and hope for the best!
Well, tonight will be the Malaysian Idol 2 finale Result show. So, hopefully Malaysian's favourite will win and I don't know who will that be. Anyway, I will still prefer Jac because she has THE VOICE that I don't think anyone of them has. Anyway, i hope Daniel and Nita will enjoy their best and just relax coz' at this satge, they are really good and are artiste. So, do the best and hope for the best!

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