Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Have a Break, Have a Macha KitKat!

During one of the CNY nights, Ning Jie came over bringing something that I had been wishing and waiting for.. It was the Macha KitKat that she bought from Singapore! Ever since reading DaJie's post about all types of KitKat flavours, I have been wanting to eat the Macha (green tea) flavoured one. And... Finally, I got to! A big THANK YOU to Ning Jie for treating us the Macha KitKat. ^_^

The Macha KitKat~~

Another picture of Macha KitKat! ^^

The taste was really good and sweet. It has the strong macha smell. When you taste it with your tongue, you can actually taste rich macha and chocolate flavour. Yummylicious!

Lynna and I posing with the Macha KitKat!

Me the eating the golden Macha KitKat.. ^_^

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chasing A Celebrity!

Chasing a celebrity? Mm... Sounds like something that a group of crazy fans or paparazzi would do. But, you're wrong! Even us, ordinary teenagers from a small city, would do so! Hehe...

An example of a crazy teenager! (In the tee that Mandy bought from Aussie)

As I had mentioned before, I heard that Nick Chung was coming to Miri but, I had no idea when and where. Finally, Grace told me that he was coming on 23rd Feb for the 爱FM concert. So, Emandy, Qi Ying, Vivian, Che Kong, Lynna and I went there to see him. ^_^ Nick Chung is actually not Lynna's and my speed-up favourite singer. In fact, he is our favourite singer since two years ago. Since then, we started to collect his albums.

The picture I took with Nick Chung 2 years ago!

His second album which was the first one we bought.

I actually got the news from Grace that Nick Chung was going to have supper with one of the Lions, Lion A., after the concert. Being very crazy, I forced Che Kong to call him and ask about it. Lion A. was really kind and he allowed us to go there and meet Nick Chung! Feeling excited and happy, my mind was only focusing on meeting him rather than watching the 爱FM concert. But, I did enjoy Nick Chung's performances on stage. I love his songs and I must admit that he has a very, very good and strong voice.

Pictures from the concert!

After the concert, we rushed to get his autograph but there were so many people squeezing in to get his autographs instead of queuing up. Lynna and I were really unhappy about them doing it so, we waited at the side until the crowd was reduced. Unfortunately, it didn't! Plus, there were this two crazy, insincere girls whom I suspect were just a speed-up fans of Nick Chung, kept standing there, buying all his available albums. They kept repeating: 他好帅呀!他好帅呀!他好帅呀!And at that point, I felt that they weren't sincerely in love with his songs, his voice and his talents. Hmph... Never mind about them...

Nick Chung busy signing the albums... Look at them, so squeezy! My goodness...

After he left, we quickly called up Lion A. and asked about it. He confirmed us that they were there at the place. So, we waited for Qi Ying to get the autographs from the 爱FM DJs. While waiting, we met the director, Beck, that directs the concert for that night! Right after Qi Ying got the autographs, we rushed to the car and get ourselves to the place ASAP. We reached the place within 10 minutes. Che Kong ran into the place and greeted them. He even told Nick Chung that Lynna had gastric because she wanted to meet him. We took personal pictures with him and requested him to write our names on the albums! Haha...

Us with Director Beck!

Yeah! My personal picture with Nick Chung at the eating place!

We even had a short conversation with him and his manager (I guess). Lynna even tried to remind him that she was the one who asked him to write: Lynns on his album two years ago. He actually took the effort to refresh his mind and he said he remembered! Maybe he couldn't but he was really kind enough to say he remembered so, we were quite satisfied too. ^_^ He knew that Lynna joined his forum and dropped a message there. His manager was really friendly and he even chatted with us for a while. Btw, I even helped Lynna to pass a small card which she made to him because she was too shy! Haha... After that, we went to sit at another side to have some drinks. We were so excited that we couldn't stop talking! Haha... We were bla-bling here and there until Emandy's parents were there.

Us, girls, chatting excitedly! Can you see Nick Chung behind there? Hehe...

The whole experience were tremendously fun and exciting! I had never did such a thing before until last night! We had finally collected all Nick Chung's albums. A really, really big, fat THANK YOU to Lion A. for allowing us to meet Nick Chung, Qi Ying for driving us there, Grace for providing us the information, Che Kong for helping us to call Lion A. and Nick Chung and his manager for allowing us to meet them even they were trying to have a supper peacefully. Most importantly, THANK GOD for everything!

At last we got all of his albums! It took us 2 years to collect all of them! ^_^

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Miss Tennis!

I miss playing tennis, I miss joining tennis competitions, I miss playing with Michelle & Amelia in doubles, and I miss playing around with my tennis friends!!!

The tennis court that I used to play at..

I have been under the sun with ErJie at the tennis court for the past 2 days, accompanying Lynna while she competed in this year's Tennis Inter-school Competition. Accompanying her this time really made me miss tennis so much! I started to compete since Primary 5 but only started to represent Miri when I was in Primary 6. I am not a good player but, I do love the game a lot.

Me under the hot sun!

Not forget to mention, I met up with most of my tennis friends. I miss playing around, talking with them. They are really fun to talk with. We even tried to fit into my Kelisa to go to Parkson for lunch. There were 7 of us squeezing.. Well, not really 7 because ErJie and I were sitting in front so, the rest of the tennis girls were behind. Haha..

From the left: Me, Paige, Amelia, Andrea and Shamini

Sanjeet and Helena singing and dancing.. Haha..

The girls and.. C. Heward behind.. Haha..

OK.. Arif a.k.a French Fries trying to be the centre of attention.. Haha!

Btw, my sister, Lynna, got a bronze for her doubles. She lost in her singles, but I'm still quite proud of her because she won 1 game from her opponent. Good experience for her because joining this competition is really the golden opportunity to learn more about tennis. Glad she did well. Hope that she'll do better than this time. ^_^

Lynna and Helena..

Them and their opponents.. (They seems like they are whispering something.. Hmph..)

I really do hope I have the chance to join the competition again. Although I know it's pretty impossible, I won't stop playing tennis. I will still continue to play for my own interest. Hehe..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My New, Beloved Laptop!

At last! I got my new laptop!!! Well, Daddy got me an Acer Aspire 4920. Some might say that Acer is not very good, but I think it's fine. :) It took us about 1 month to get it but, thank God it was here last Friday. I was tremendously excited and have been using it ever since I got it on Monday.

The cover is a bit reflective so, you can actually see me taking picture and the TV behind.. (Can you see a small part of ErJie's head at the upper most? Haha..)

I love using it and of course, I finally got to use it while watching TV! Haha.. Doing two things I like at the same time. ^_^

The screen and keypads.. ^_^

Of course, I can even blog whenever I want in front of the TV!

A big THANK YOU to Daddy for buying me this laptop. Thank God everything!!!

P/s: My results might be out next week. Please pray for me.. I believe in God no matter what. 加油! 加油! 加油!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sushi Go Round 3 & Round 4!

As I had promised, I made more sushi again! I did my 3rd attempt on the 5th day of CNY due to boredom. This time, I did more I used to. I used long beans (yeah.. long beans..) to add on the colours. I didn't know why I used that but, it just popped into my mind when I decided to make the sushi. Hehe..

The sushi!

A combo of sausage, long bean and tuna..
As for my 4th attempt, I did it with ErJie and Ning Jie. Ning Jie provided us with some unagi (eel). Hehe.. We bought some clams and crab sticks. Plus, we cooked more rice and used rice vinegar to make the sushi rice. Before I rolled up the first sushi roll, I realised that I was the only one who knows how to make sushi! Haha.. I thought they know at least a little bit about making sushi!

The yummy unagi..

ErJie's clams!
Ning Jie made some rice balls while ErJie did the decorations. I, of course, did the rolling. Quite tiring but, it was really fun to make them. Having the least cooking experience, ErJie cut up heart-shapes and other shapes of crab sticks and sausages to be put onto the sushi! Haha..

The unagi sushi! (Ning Jie made the rice balls)

Cutie face.. Haha..

The sushi decorated by ErJie!
Well, everything ended up well.. It was quite a breakthrough as I had never used so many types of ingredients before. So, I was quite satisfied. :) A big thank you to Ning Jie for taking the time to make sushi with us. ^_^

Two plates of yummylicious sushi!

Us making sushi.. (I know.. I looked weird! Haha..)
Watch out people! I'm going to make more oishi sushi. Btw, if anyone of you all who wants to try some, please let me know. I wouldn't mind making extra sushi for you! Hehe..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tagged by Emandy!

This linky love trail rules:-When you got tagged, you have to add your name to people who had done the tag and and let the list grow!
Bani gundu
Najmyhana ni mo naiLindoshSlebetcepoterh
Scarlet Kiss

First name- Lynthia
Nickname- Thia, LingDi
Name you wish you had- I don't have a name that I wish I had.. I love both my Chrstian and Chinese name.
What do people normally mistake your name as- For those who rarely heard of my name, they will usually call me Cynthia or Lyndia.
Birthplace- Kuching GH
Time of birth- Not sure..
Single or taken- Single
Zodiac sign- Horse

Your appearance:
How tall are you- 158cm
Wish you were taller? - A little bit taller.. Maybe around 160cm plus?
Eye colour- Dark brown
Eye colour you want- Mine is good enough..
Natural hair colour- Black
Current hair colour- Black too..
Short or long hair- I would say medium. Not too short, not too long.
Ever dye your hair a bizzare colour? - No.. Never even dyed my hair before.
Curly, straight, wavy- Wavy!
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair- My bombie hair! Did that on the Prefects Seniors Night 2006.
Glasses or contacts- None..
Do you wear make up: Sometimes.. I'm quite lazy sometimes..
Ever had hair extensions? - Never.. But I wish I had!
Paint your nails? - Yeah..

In the opposite gender:
What colour eyes- Any colours can do..
What colour hair- Any colours can do too..
Shy or outgoing? - Outgoing
Looks or personality- Personality!
Sexy or cute- Cute.. I dislike sexy things..
Serious or fun- Both!
Older or younger than you- Mm.. The older the better.. ^_^
Broke someone's heart- Mm.. I don't know..
Wondered what's wrong with you? - Haha.. I'm too fat?
Wish you were a prince/ princess- I wish..
Liked someone who's taken- If I say no, I would be lying! Haha..
Shaved your head- Never!
Been in Love- Again.. If I say no, I would be lying!
Used chopsticks- Of course..
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Mm.. I'm pretty unsure with this one.. Haha..

Flower - Any flowers will do!
Candy- Sour candies..
Song- No specific ones..
Scent- Sweet but light scents..
Movie- Mm.. Not prettu sure.. Haha..
Singer- Mostly Chinese singers.. ^_^ But, I mostly like their songs than the singers.
Word- Urm.. I don't know! Haha..
Junk food- Depends..
Website- I don't know!
Lotion- I seldom use lotions.
Animals- Dogs!!!
Ever cried over someone? - Yes.. Not only to someone..
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself? - Of course!
Do you think you're attractive? - Hehe.. No comments!
If you had to choose a fairytale for your life what would you choose? I don't know.. I don't really watch fairytales but Dreams Link is quite sweet one.. Maybe I hope I can have the life that the girl is having in France! Hehe..
Do you play any sports? - Yeah.. Tennis!

The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules.

List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

1) I love God.

2) I love my family and friends.

3) I love dogs! (Shoobie & HeiQ!!!)

4) I am a TV-lover.

5) I love talking.

6) I blog.

7) I like singing and acting.

8) I want to be a better person than who I am now in every way!

I tag:
Ah Ning
Uei Ying

Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is what I did when I was terribly bored...

Hahaha!!! Funny, funny...

P/s: My face was even related to Martin Luther King Jr!!! What.. My pastor just mentioned about him in church this morning! Haha..

Sushi Go Round 2!

After my first attempt on making some sushi, I had decided to make even more sushi. Uei Ying even gave me some ideas like using tuna as the ingredients. So, I went to buy tuna and salmon spreads (easier to handle, and I don't need to cook them too! Haha..) for my second attempt.

My working space.. Haha..

Well, this time, I set myself a task by promising Lynna my handmade sushi for her lunch in school. As usual, I prepared some sausages, the spreads, mayonnaise and of course the rice to make the sushi. It was pretty difficult this time because I had limited rice! My goodness.. So, I rolled up some and cut them up and got them to Lynna before her school ended.

The rolling process..

Wow la! The sushi roll!
Well, it was quite OK I suppose! I think I need more practice on my rolling skills because I tend to get the rice sticking to the mat which I shouldn't! Haha.. But, no worries.. I will make more again! Just wait for me.. Hehe..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

The flowers Lynna & I got last year..

Well, I guess when everybody is out celebrating today, I will be at home watching TV especially Amazing Race Asia because tonight's the finale! Plus, Emandy booked my time from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm just to ask me to watch this and report to her the results. Haha.. Anyways, I will be watching it tonight no matter what...

Lastly, Happy Valentines Day again to all and hope you all will enjoy it!

P/s: I wonder when will I have the chance to really celebrate Valentines Day... Haha...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrating the Year of Rat!

Chinese New Year! Chinese New year! Xing Nian Dao! It's the time that I can really have fun and eat! Haha.. But, atmosphere weren't that fun this year as most of the cousins are not in Miri. Plus, both of my sisters were not back for CNY..
My family and I didn't visit a lot this year. Maybe it's because Dajie and ErJie were not here. But, we did open house on the 1st day inviting my parents' colleagues, Lynna and my friends over. It was really fun meeting all of them. Well, of course, it was really tiring and mentally exhausting but I did love the atmosphere and the fellowship. Alright.. I'll just stop blabling and let the pictures explain the rest:

On the 1st day.. (I grabbed the pic from Lynna so, she's the one who edited the pic! Haha..)

On the 2nd day at Yi Poh's house..

Showing off our ang paus!

At another relatives house..

Us cousins!

With Sing Ping at her house..

Monday, February 11, 2008


Getting sick on CNY is really something sad and disappointed. And guess what.. I happened to me! Haiks..

I was sick on the 2nd day of CNY. I didn't do much actually except for just visiting. Then, I started to feel a bit weird. After visiting Michelle and Sing Ping, my fever started to come. Haiks..

It's actually not a surprise that I got sick because people do get sick sometimes. But, this time, it was a little different. When I was sick, it made my mind flew back into those bitter memories.. I recalled back the times when I was reminded that I was hospitalised for being suspected to have dengue fever(?). Suddenly, I remembered Mama telling me that it was either Daddy or Mummy who cried when I was hospitalised. Then, the memory of what ErJie told me when we saw my little, old favourite Doraemon packet in a supermarket reappeared in my mind. She told me that Daddy always buy that from the 3rd Mile market for me everyday when I was sick. These memories are really making me cry..

Btw, I am still sick. I'm having this really bad sore throat and headache. Haiks.. Please pray for me..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! 新年快乐 & 鼠年行大运!

I wish you all a healthy and prosperous Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hide and Seek!

This is a picture of one of the corners in my house. Notice anything different? Anything weird?

Want to take a closer look at it? Here it is.. Anything weird?

How about a closer look? Something is fishy behind the plants.. What is it?

It's Scooby!!! Cutie, cutie Scooby!

Scooby was trying to play hide and seek! Haha.. Look how happy he was when I found him.. Haha..