Friday, February 22, 2008

I Miss Tennis!

I miss playing tennis, I miss joining tennis competitions, I miss playing with Michelle & Amelia in doubles, and I miss playing around with my tennis friends!!!

The tennis court that I used to play at..

I have been under the sun with ErJie at the tennis court for the past 2 days, accompanying Lynna while she competed in this year's Tennis Inter-school Competition. Accompanying her this time really made me miss tennis so much! I started to compete since Primary 5 but only started to represent Miri when I was in Primary 6. I am not a good player but, I do love the game a lot.

Me under the hot sun!

Not forget to mention, I met up with most of my tennis friends. I miss playing around, talking with them. They are really fun to talk with. We even tried to fit into my Kelisa to go to Parkson for lunch. There were 7 of us squeezing.. Well, not really 7 because ErJie and I were sitting in front so, the rest of the tennis girls were behind. Haha..

From the left: Me, Paige, Amelia, Andrea and Shamini

Sanjeet and Helena singing and dancing.. Haha..

The girls and.. C. Heward behind.. Haha..

OK.. Arif a.k.a French Fries trying to be the centre of attention.. Haha!

Btw, my sister, Lynna, got a bronze for her doubles. She lost in her singles, but I'm still quite proud of her because she won 1 game from her opponent. Good experience for her because joining this competition is really the golden opportunity to learn more about tennis. Glad she did well. Hope that she'll do better than this time. ^_^

Lynna and Helena..

Them and their opponents.. (They seems like they are whispering something.. Hmph..)

I really do hope I have the chance to join the competition again. Although I know it's pretty impossible, I won't stop playing tennis. I will still continue to play for my own interest. Hehe..


Sherp said...

if there is a free court, mayb u can go play sometimes, just for fun

LingDi said...

Yeah.. We now sometimes go and play at the GCM court just for fun. Hehe..