Monday, February 11, 2008


Getting sick on CNY is really something sad and disappointed. And guess what.. I happened to me! Haiks..

I was sick on the 2nd day of CNY. I didn't do much actually except for just visiting. Then, I started to feel a bit weird. After visiting Michelle and Sing Ping, my fever started to come. Haiks..

It's actually not a surprise that I got sick because people do get sick sometimes. But, this time, it was a little different. When I was sick, it made my mind flew back into those bitter memories.. I recalled back the times when I was reminded that I was hospitalised for being suspected to have dengue fever(?). Suddenly, I remembered Mama telling me that it was either Daddy or Mummy who cried when I was hospitalised. Then, the memory of what ErJie told me when we saw my little, old favourite Doraemon packet in a supermarket reappeared in my mind. She told me that Daddy always buy that from the 3rd Mile market for me everyday when I was sick. These memories are really making me cry..

Btw, I am still sick. I'm having this really bad sore throat and headache. Haiks.. Please pray for me..


< u3! y!nG > said...

Both your daddy and mummy cried, they love you so much!!

LingDi said...

Uei Ying,
Yeah.. I was really young that time. Forgot how old. I was the one who had the most problem last time: Chicken pox, measles, dengue fever, mouth accident.. My goodness..

lynnx01 said...

Don't forget the stitches incidents. Walk up to take bao bao, came down and fell... kenak stitching. Then, the one when your classmate kicked your jaw? LOLS!! Well, it wasn't dengue lah. Simply say one.. hoho.

LingDi said...

I know it's not dengue. Suspected nia larr.. I know.. I got 2 stitches for the stairs one and 6 stitches for the jaw accident. Btw, my friend didn't kick my jaw.. He accidentally pushed me and made me hit the table side at my jaw. Walah.. So painful. Dislocated my jaw! Mummy was talking abt it just now too!

lynnx01 said...

Where got serious until dislocated your jaw? I remember your teacher called home and said, "Lynthia mulut pecah".

< u3! y!nG > said...

Hahaha, funny la till got jaw dislocated. Till so serious?

Amabel said...

haha..mulut funny!!:P

LingDi said...

The jaw almost dropped out from my mouth larr.. The tissues are torn! Haha..

Ok.. Maybe not that serious.. Haha.. But, it was painful!!!

Eh eh.. Don't laugh at me.. Haha.. I couldn't eat and talk for a long time.. You were just a little baby when it happened.. Maybe you didn't know about it. Can ask my Mummy about it. Haha..