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First name- Lynthia
Nickname- Thia, LingDi
Name you wish you had- I don't have a name that I wish I had.. I love both my Chrstian and Chinese name.
What do people normally mistake your name as- For those who rarely heard of my name, they will usually call me Cynthia or Lyndia.
Birthplace- Kuching GH
Time of birth- Not sure..
Single or taken- Single
Zodiac sign- Horse

Your appearance:
How tall are you- 158cm
Wish you were taller? - A little bit taller.. Maybe around 160cm plus?
Eye colour- Dark brown
Eye colour you want- Mine is good enough..
Natural hair colour- Black
Current hair colour- Black too..
Short or long hair- I would say medium. Not too short, not too long.
Ever dye your hair a bizzare colour? - No.. Never even dyed my hair before.
Curly, straight, wavy- Wavy!
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair- My bombie hair! Did that on the Prefects Seniors Night 2006.
Glasses or contacts- None..
Do you wear make up: Sometimes.. I'm quite lazy sometimes..
Ever had hair extensions? - Never.. But I wish I had!
Paint your nails? - Yeah..

In the opposite gender:
What colour eyes- Any colours can do..
What colour hair- Any colours can do too..
Shy or outgoing? - Outgoing
Looks or personality- Personality!
Sexy or cute- Cute.. I dislike sexy things..
Serious or fun- Both!
Older or younger than you- Mm.. The older the better.. ^_^
Broke someone's heart- Mm.. I don't know..
Wondered what's wrong with you? - Haha.. I'm too fat?
Wish you were a prince/ princess- I wish..
Liked someone who's taken- If I say no, I would be lying! Haha..
Shaved your head- Never!
Been in Love- Again.. If I say no, I would be lying!
Used chopsticks- Of course..
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Mm.. I'm pretty unsure with this one.. Haha..

Flower - Any flowers will do!
Candy- Sour candies..
Song- No specific ones..
Scent- Sweet but light scents..
Movie- Mm.. Not prettu sure.. Haha..
Singer- Mostly Chinese singers.. ^_^ But, I mostly like their songs than the singers.
Word- Urm.. I don't know! Haha..
Junk food- Depends..
Website- I don't know!
Lotion- I seldom use lotions.
Animals- Dogs!!!
Ever cried over someone? - Yes.. Not only to someone..
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself? - Of course!
Do you think you're attractive? - Hehe.. No comments!
If you had to choose a fairytale for your life what would you choose? I don't know.. I don't really watch fairytales but Dreams Link is quite sweet one.. Maybe I hope I can have the life that the girl is having in France! Hehe..
Do you play any sports? - Yeah.. Tennis!

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1) I love God.

2) I love my family and friends.

3) I love dogs! (Shoobie & HeiQ!!!)

4) I am a TV-lover.

5) I love talking.

6) I blog.

7) I like singing and acting.

8) I want to be a better person than who I am now in every way!

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