Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrating the Year of Rat!

Chinese New Year! Chinese New year! Xing Nian Dao! It's the time that I can really have fun and eat! Haha.. But, atmosphere weren't that fun this year as most of the cousins are not in Miri. Plus, both of my sisters were not back for CNY..
My family and I didn't visit a lot this year. Maybe it's because Dajie and ErJie were not here. But, we did open house on the 1st day inviting my parents' colleagues, Lynna and my friends over. It was really fun meeting all of them. Well, of course, it was really tiring and mentally exhausting but I did love the atmosphere and the fellowship. Alright.. I'll just stop blabling and let the pictures explain the rest:

On the 1st day.. (I grabbed the pic from Lynna so, she's the one who edited the pic! Haha..)

On the 2nd day at Yi Poh's house..

Showing off our ang paus!

At another relatives house..

Us cousins!

With Sing Ping at her house..


lynnx01 said...

Hmmm.. where is erjie?? HOHO

LingDi said...

Gila.. Ask yourself larr.. Haha..

< u3! y!nG > said...

Hahaha, I think ur er jie study too much. Someone help her. :P

I want to go visiting too lar and i want angpaos too. Lingdi purposely put the pic of her and nanotay holding angpaos to make me jealous. *sulking

Lynnwei said... nice...i cant believe i missed it!!

each year i would go to connie's house =(

so nice..everyone looks so cool!!

lynnx01 said...


I am laughing at alone at myself now. Looks even more lunatic. HAHAHAHHAH!!

Well, tell you guys - I have yet to receive even one single angpao for the year. So go figure. I bet you guys in UK got some British pounds.. I am just hoping for RM. LAlalalala..

Amabel said...

haha...yipoh give de angpao very beautiful la...haha..

LingDi said...

Haha.. I didn't do that on purpose! Haha.. If I really want to make you jealous, I would rather put a pic of a bowl of kam mian on my blog. Haha..

Don't worry! You'll be graduating soon! So, by that time you can continue the visiting again.. Haha..

You got some ang paus d.. Btw, it is interesting to get some British pounds as ang paus.. Mm.. Haha..

Haha.. Yeah.. Got some even cuter! The Power Rangers ang pau! Haha..

Pyroboy1911 said...

ang pao eh? luckily i din show mine, if not u will lose! LOL!!!

the amount i get is enough for me to buy a new laptop :P

LingDi said...

Serious? You're so lucky.. Btw, my family seldom do visiting so, didn't get a lot.. Haha..

Amabel said...