Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sushi Go Round 3 & Round 4!

As I had promised, I made more sushi again! I did my 3rd attempt on the 5th day of CNY due to boredom. This time, I did more I used to. I used long beans (yeah.. long beans..) to add on the colours. I didn't know why I used that but, it just popped into my mind when I decided to make the sushi. Hehe..

The sushi!

A combo of sausage, long bean and tuna..
As for my 4th attempt, I did it with ErJie and Ning Jie. Ning Jie provided us with some unagi (eel). Hehe.. We bought some clams and crab sticks. Plus, we cooked more rice and used rice vinegar to make the sushi rice. Before I rolled up the first sushi roll, I realised that I was the only one who knows how to make sushi! Haha.. I thought they know at least a little bit about making sushi!

The yummy unagi..

ErJie's clams!
Ning Jie made some rice balls while ErJie did the decorations. I, of course, did the rolling. Quite tiring but, it was really fun to make them. Having the least cooking experience, ErJie cut up heart-shapes and other shapes of crab sticks and sausages to be put onto the sushi! Haha..

The unagi sushi! (Ning Jie made the rice balls)

Cutie face.. Haha..

The sushi decorated by ErJie!
Well, everything ended up well.. It was quite a breakthrough as I had never used so many types of ingredients before. So, I was quite satisfied. :) A big thank you to Ning Jie for taking the time to make sushi with us. ^_^

Two plates of yummylicious sushi!

Us making sushi.. (I know.. I looked weird! Haha..)
Watch out people! I'm going to make more oishi sushi. Btw, if anyone of you all who wants to try some, please let me know. I wouldn't mind making extra sushi for you! Hehe..


cibol said...

hi there, thanks for dropping by! So, ur a big fan also ka? wait a minute? ur one of the lynns?

Lynnwei said...



nxt time i go back, lets make again!!!

Berberboo said...

eee... looks so good la...

btw... I LIKE THE LOVEEEE ONE THAT UR SIS DECORATED... nice as a gift to a special someone... wheeee... lol

cibol said...

Wah, it's really the Lynns sisters!

LingDi said...

Haha.. Yeah.. I'm one of the Lynns. Surprising isn't it? ^_^
Btw, I'm not really a big fan of Jay Chou but, I do love his songs..

Hehe.. You must make more when you come back!

Hehe.. Maybe you should try make more? Haha.. The heart shape one is suitable for Valentines Day actually.. Hehe..

g0hy|3 said...

Hehe... I was wondering if my funny expression got into the pics that you took urself... Hehe... it is in... Hoho...

Amabel said...

haha..ningjie cut out the heart shape de?so good..and the unagi also..i use to play with unagi in Sushi Go Round...haha

ღAmandaa said...

i want to try the one with crab stick one! :D

LingDi said...


Haha.. Can you beat Ivy and my scores in Sushi Go Round? Haha.. Ivy is really good at it. Her scores are really high! Haha..

I'll let you know when I make sushi. :)

Sherp said...


the sushis look uber yummy
we have to make some in july yea!! ar u gona be in miri ;) ur results out next week right? :D so u gota tell me

LingDi said...

Haha.. Tnx! Yes.. Gotta make lots of sushi. Not very sure whether I'll be back or not but, you can always fly there to meet me! Haha..