Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chasing A Celebrity!

Chasing a celebrity? Mm... Sounds like something that a group of crazy fans or paparazzi would do. But, you're wrong! Even us, ordinary teenagers from a small city, would do so! Hehe...

An example of a crazy teenager! (In the tee that Mandy bought from Aussie)

As I had mentioned before, I heard that Nick Chung was coming to Miri but, I had no idea when and where. Finally, Grace told me that he was coming on 23rd Feb for the 爱FM concert. So, Emandy, Qi Ying, Vivian, Che Kong, Lynna and I went there to see him. ^_^ Nick Chung is actually not Lynna's and my speed-up favourite singer. In fact, he is our favourite singer since two years ago. Since then, we started to collect his albums.

The picture I took with Nick Chung 2 years ago!

His second album which was the first one we bought.

I actually got the news from Grace that Nick Chung was going to have supper with one of the Lions, Lion A., after the concert. Being very crazy, I forced Che Kong to call him and ask about it. Lion A. was really kind and he allowed us to go there and meet Nick Chung! Feeling excited and happy, my mind was only focusing on meeting him rather than watching the 爱FM concert. But, I did enjoy Nick Chung's performances on stage. I love his songs and I must admit that he has a very, very good and strong voice.

Pictures from the concert!

After the concert, we rushed to get his autograph but there were so many people squeezing in to get his autographs instead of queuing up. Lynna and I were really unhappy about them doing it so, we waited at the side until the crowd was reduced. Unfortunately, it didn't! Plus, there were this two crazy, insincere girls whom I suspect were just a speed-up fans of Nick Chung, kept standing there, buying all his available albums. They kept repeating: 他好帅呀!他好帅呀!他好帅呀!And at that point, I felt that they weren't sincerely in love with his songs, his voice and his talents. Hmph... Never mind about them...

Nick Chung busy signing the albums... Look at them, so squeezy! My goodness...

After he left, we quickly called up Lion A. and asked about it. He confirmed us that they were there at the place. So, we waited for Qi Ying to get the autographs from the 爱FM DJs. While waiting, we met the director, Beck, that directs the concert for that night! Right after Qi Ying got the autographs, we rushed to the car and get ourselves to the place ASAP. We reached the place within 10 minutes. Che Kong ran into the place and greeted them. He even told Nick Chung that Lynna had gastric because she wanted to meet him. We took personal pictures with him and requested him to write our names on the albums! Haha...

Us with Director Beck!

Yeah! My personal picture with Nick Chung at the eating place!

We even had a short conversation with him and his manager (I guess). Lynna even tried to remind him that she was the one who asked him to write: Lynns on his album two years ago. He actually took the effort to refresh his mind and he said he remembered! Maybe he couldn't but he was really kind enough to say he remembered so, we were quite satisfied too. ^_^ He knew that Lynna joined his forum and dropped a message there. His manager was really friendly and he even chatted with us for a while. Btw, I even helped Lynna to pass a small card which she made to him because she was too shy! Haha... After that, we went to sit at another side to have some drinks. We were so excited that we couldn't stop talking! Haha... We were bla-bling here and there until Emandy's parents were there.

Us, girls, chatting excitedly! Can you see Nick Chung behind there? Hehe...

The whole experience were tremendously fun and exciting! I had never did such a thing before until last night! We had finally collected all Nick Chung's albums. A really, really big, fat THANK YOU to Lion A. for allowing us to meet Nick Chung, Qi Ying for driving us there, Grace for providing us the information, Che Kong for helping us to call Lion A. and Nick Chung and his manager for allowing us to meet them even they were trying to have a supper peacefully. Most importantly, THANK GOD for everything!

At last we got all of his albums! It took us 2 years to collect all of them! ^_^


ღAmandaa said...


Sherp said...

Awwwww. AGAIN u guys ar real lucky. *searches for a concert to go to* aah.. poor sherpie sherp. alone in the cold with no concert to go to.

unlike soooommmeeee ppl :p :p
teehehe glad u guys had fun!

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Lynnwei said...

ahahahha...i wonder if he stil remmeber u all! lil kids! ahahahah

reli cool

hope when i'm back there will be stars coming!

LingDi said...

Cheer up! He will come again! We waited for 2 years so, don't worry~~

Haha... You should come back here! But, living in London also got lots of chances meeting celebrities. So, gotta keep the opportunities well! Hehe...

We can be qualified as a paparazzi liao!

Hopefully you remembers! Hehe..

Chev said...

Hehhehe, i never have the experience of "chasing" or coming across any celebrities leh :)

LingDi said...

Me too! Haha.. But, until that night when I actually got the chance to.. Hehe..

Eunice said...

hey happen found ur nice u went to see nick..i'm a great fan of his him once only..too bad he didn't come to promote his latest album..hey u got the 1 with vcd??u bought the on the move eyewear?? so nice u join the forum as well?

nice blog by the way !!

LingDi said...

Thanks! He is a nice singer right? Where are you staying? He came to Miri because there was this AiFM concert where he was the guest singer for the concert. Which VCD are you talking about? VCD of his golden hitz? Yeah, both me sisters and I bought the On the Move eyewears and got his latest album for free. :) Don't worry, he will surely come one day. We waited for 2 years and he did come! Haha..

Eunice said... long ago i came ehre and left a comment till i had no memory of it after reading the whole post..haha..yup, he's a super nice singer!!yeah d vcd i eamtns was the 1 u got for free..too bad not for sale..yup..he came last sunday... i'm staying in ipoh..u can check out my blog bout his promo last sunday..hehe..

just suddenly found ur blog today and i tot, so familiar 1?lol...u really good at chasing artist lar..if i'm in miri, sure will tag along!!hehe..