Sunday, April 24, 2005


Actually, not 'horray'. Tests are coming and then, Sem is also nearer. What should I do?? And also, tennis. I didn't go for so long.. almost a month. I bet I am going to hit badly. Oh God, please help me!!! Wow... anyway, I believe God will help me.
Our sch's drama got third in the division stage. Wow... That was realy good but I think they deserve more.. Anyway, I haven't even watched the rest. But, I know everybody did a good job. Good Job guys....
Ok, what else... Amazing Race Time!!! Muahaha...
Ok, the latest episode was the continueing of the last week's one which was at the Lucknow town. Ok, then the latest was at the ... mm... ok, I forgot the name of it but, I know they took 24 hours of train ride to that place. The 2nd fast forward is taken by Uchenna and Joyce. They have to perform a traditional thing which is a head shave. Your guys are right... They went for it... Oh my goodness... If I were Joyce, I will rather go back to do the Detour. Anyway, for the detour was Dunk or Trunk. All of them chose to push a false elephant to a temple. But, I guess dyeing the clothes will be faster but... It all depends. Rob and Amber got third but, they reached the pit stop at few seconds after Ron and Kelly got to the mat so, no difference. Haha... Anyway, my friends are now beggining to support Rob and Amber and hope they win... Hehe... That's just my opinion ok? That's all I guess...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A lost of a friend...

Something awful happened. Brandy, my cousin's pet dog has died this evening after being hit by a motorcycle who is trying to do some 'motorcycle stunts'. There was no hope left when the doctor sent her back from the vet. I was really sad and so disspointed at those ppl who cause this incident to happen. Shame on them. Anyway, she is buried behind my cousin's house and is now rest in peace. She is with God. I just want everybody to know that somehow, we just need to realise that ppl aren't that perfect though... But, for my opinion, it wasn't their fault but they are tempted to try things that could harm them and also other ppl. So, everybody, please drop some comments to show your sincerity for my cousins. Thank you...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Leo Club New B.O.D.s 2005/2005

Hey everybody!!! Quite a long time didn update. Well, coz' I was busy doing my projects, studying ( i guess )... I am really dissapointed at myself for not going to tennis training... it's not I can't go but... I am just quite busy and stressed... phew... form 3 is really hard. Anyway, i will try my best to keep my priority straight. I believe in God that I can do it...
God is my strength and shield Psalms 28:7
I can do all things in Him who strengthen me Philipians 4:13
Ok, lets get to the point.
Today is the Leo meeting and also the election and congrates to those who got it !!!
It was really nice... I am not going to say who is holding the posts... coz' I don't want to waste any more time for the Amazing Race time!!!! haha.... JK but, if you all want to know, just ask me personally or other Leo members.

Amazing Race time!!!
This episode is actually not over yet I meant the leg. I don't know why but I was really excited to know that Rob and Amber is the first one.. again... Bored of know it right? But, it was cool... I supported them, not only them though...haha... I support all of them lar... I want everybody to win but, too bad they only need one pair of winners... well, I was really shocked that Ron and Kelly actually didn't yield Rob and Amber but, it wasn't shock in another way coz' Ron and Kelly are nice persons too... I actually agreed with Ron that Rob and Amber had the most unbelievable luck and it was true... same goes with my cousin... I also hope that the Boyfriends will change their mind about the Engaged ( Rob and Amber ) for not yielding them. Phew... nothing to say anymore... that's all I guess...


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Old Floks Home for Tree Maintainence

Wow... Went to Old Folks again for tree maintainence.Weeding, Feeding it with 'baja', and then took pictures. Quite nice too but bored coz' my friends aren't there and I missed a club meeting today. I wanted to go but too bad Michelle wasn't able to go. I won't blame you Michelle, don't worry. Haha...
Anyway, besides going to Old Folks Home, I am glad that Scooby is bad to normal. I mean, before that, he really changed coz' everytime I wanted to go and touch him, he scolded me. I feel really dissapointed but, thanks to God, he changed back again. Phew... Anyway, Brandy got lost on the day before yesterday. Oh me gosh, I went looking for her for a while but can't find her. Thanks to the Jalan 1B auntie, she saw Brandy wondering there and decide to keep her for a while to find who Brandy is belongs to. She called the MPM to ask coz' luckily Brandy was wearing a dog license. And then, the auntie called to my cousin's house and ask. We went there and bring her back and said thank you to her. See, there is still good person on this world. If this case happened on 'Hey Gou', we will surely call her owner but the problem is how are we suppose to call her owner when she is not wearing any license? But, I think we will get her a license soon.
Ok, what am I going to say next. Not Amazing Race lar... Coz' I think you guys will think I am an Amazing Race freak. Mm... ok lar, then I will say about the series Point Of No Return.

Point Of No Return - Last Episode.
Point of No Return's last episode, no other words to describe it except GOOD!!! Not that excellent but it was really good and had fullfill the meaning of good ending. I really wish all the series will have this kind of ending. Good and no regrets. Haha... But, one thing about it is... It was really werid when Sheung Hei just agree be with Tin Chi. I mean, it happens really fast. Plus Tin Chi's glasses make him looks cute and funny. Instead of thinking that he looks more mature, I think his last time look is more mature than wearing those glasses. But those make him cute too.. Haha... another thing I don really understand is that why after 5 years establishing the shipping company, the company is still small. I mean, It should have been better and bigger not small. But, anyway, every scenes have their own reasons right. Anyway, through this series I also realise one thing. It is when we become a doctor, we have to face the risk. When someone becomes a doctor, that person will have to face the risk which is that he/she might get infected by any diseases easily. So, being a doctor is really meaningful. I will remember that.
After Point Of No Return, Net Deception. Not sure what is that but, it should be nice lar.. Hopefully..
So, next week, got few tests : Science, Maths and Sejarah.
Pray for me. Thanks.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Well, today is as usual, got class photo today, watched Amazing Race, done my homework, and bla bla bla... Haha... Actually, today, I got my class photo taken !!! Horray, it was really cool. Then, during recess, I went with my friends to the form 4 block to wriet some notices but, on our way back, another of my friend asked me to write another notice so, we went back to write again. Haha... funny... Anyway, something happened to my computer. My pictures folder was deleted!!! Oh My Goodness... So, all my pictures dissapeared. Guess I won't be updating my tomatopics blogspot for a time coz' I have to go find some new pictures and put it in... Anyway, thank God that my dad saved some pivtures in some discs before so, I only lost some of the latest pictures except the old ones.. At least I still got it.. Haha.. ok, Amazing Race time !!!
I watched last night Amazing Race. Can't believe the cute Brothers were eliminated. I mean, they are so cute and good. Oh well... we can't really be so lucky everytime. And, about the detour, it was so funny and cute. They have to either milk the goats or carry few items using their heads. Carrying those buckets of water are impossible. But, of course we need skills to do that. And milking those goats are not that difficult but need a long time to finish it. After that, in Road Block, they have to get rid of 2 logs on thier way to get to their clue. Rob and Amber beat Ron and Kelly in that which makes them the first team. Horray...haha.. I knew it that the team I am supporting is good.. Hehe.. JK... Anyway, tonight will be the the Amazing Race special which shows the recap of the few last episodes. Think I am going to watch it lar... I will see about it later...
Tomorrow got CG meeting... Horray !!! haha...
ok, I think that's all for today.
Have a nice day !!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Well, today is Saturday. Got ICT AGM today. Very nice and cool... Congrates to the new BOD's. Well, today, I watch the recap of Amazing Race. Again, I really feel so touch when the Brothers reach the pit stop. It's unbelievable. I reall really wanted to cry out but, since my grandma is watching it too, better not cry. Haha... Embarassing. I also realise the kindness of the Boyfriends. They are really nice persons. Anyway, I also realise one advantage of being famous in the race. EG : Rob and Amber, they are from the SURVIVORS. Some people there, they recognise them, so they helped Rob and Amber a lot. This is an advantage especially when you are lost or other problems.
You all can see, at this point, I really like watching Amazing Race. It helps me to improve my general knowledge about places. The places they went, really imporve my general knowledge on places like, Argentine, I know what they usually do and some of the places. And some of the traditional activities. Really good.
So, I recommend you all to watch it for entertainment and also for education.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Last day of the month...

Oh no... Today is the last day of the month of March. Another month has come. PMR is nearer. Time really passes fast. Well, we just need to treasure it a lot. Time is Gold. Anyway, tomorrow is APRIL FOOL !!! I don't plan to fool anyone on that day but just see whether got ideas or not. Don't really have the mood to fool anyone right now. Just feel bad... haha... Too kind to fool them... Anyway, hopefully I won't be fool by my friends too... Just becareful..

P/s : Amazing Race: Ray and Deanne is eliminated !!! Anyway, they are quite a competition but it depends on their luck. The brothers were so close from getting eliminated. Close one for them. I was glad they make it. Phew.. the car crash was really a horrible thing to happen in Amazing Race. Anyway, I still support Rob and Amber. I know they can win but depends on their luck. It was really suprising that they people actually recognise them from SURIVOR. I guess that helps a lot when they need help. People who recognise them will help them.