Sunday, April 17, 2005

Leo Club New B.O.D.s 2005/2005

Hey everybody!!! Quite a long time didn update. Well, coz' I was busy doing my projects, studying ( i guess )... I am really dissapointed at myself for not going to tennis training... it's not I can't go but... I am just quite busy and stressed... phew... form 3 is really hard. Anyway, i will try my best to keep my priority straight. I believe in God that I can do it...
God is my strength and shield Psalms 28:7
I can do all things in Him who strengthen me Philipians 4:13
Ok, lets get to the point.
Today is the Leo meeting and also the election and congrates to those who got it !!!
It was really nice... I am not going to say who is holding the posts... coz' I don't want to waste any more time for the Amazing Race time!!!! haha.... JK but, if you all want to know, just ask me personally or other Leo members.

Amazing Race time!!!
This episode is actually not over yet I meant the leg. I don't know why but I was really excited to know that Rob and Amber is the first one.. again... Bored of know it right? But, it was cool... I supported them, not only them though...haha... I support all of them lar... I want everybody to win but, too bad they only need one pair of winners... well, I was really shocked that Ron and Kelly actually didn't yield Rob and Amber but, it wasn't shock in another way coz' Ron and Kelly are nice persons too... I actually agreed with Ron that Rob and Amber had the most unbelievable luck and it was true... same goes with my cousin... I also hope that the Boyfriends will change their mind about the Engaged ( Rob and Amber ) for not yielding them. Phew... nothing to say anymore... that's all I guess...


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l y n n w e i said...

ahaha...tell! tell! who host wat post! tell us!!!

and congratulations to you too..i heard u hold a post too!


miss you,