Sunday, April 03, 2005


Well, today is Saturday. Got ICT AGM today. Very nice and cool... Congrates to the new BOD's. Well, today, I watch the recap of Amazing Race. Again, I really feel so touch when the Brothers reach the pit stop. It's unbelievable. I reall really wanted to cry out but, since my grandma is watching it too, better not cry. Haha... Embarassing. I also realise the kindness of the Boyfriends. They are really nice persons. Anyway, I also realise one advantage of being famous in the race. EG : Rob and Amber, they are from the SURVIVORS. Some people there, they recognise them, so they helped Rob and Amber a lot. This is an advantage especially when you are lost or other problems.
You all can see, at this point, I really like watching Amazing Race. It helps me to improve my general knowledge about places. The places they went, really imporve my general knowledge on places like, Argentine, I know what they usually do and some of the places. And some of the traditional activities. Really good.
So, I recommend you all to watch it for entertainment and also for education.


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l y n n w e i said...


btw, got yr postcard! lovely handwriting!

about Amazing Race..i think its not bad to watch BUT dont la watch the repeats and then watch again and again..the same episode! such a waste of time! use tat time to watch other programmes in Discovery, Travel and Adventure.

even better, watch CSI! i highly recommend tat!