Friday, April 01, 2005

Last day of the month...

Oh no... Today is the last day of the month of March. Another month has come. PMR is nearer. Time really passes fast. Well, we just need to treasure it a lot. Time is Gold. Anyway, tomorrow is APRIL FOOL !!! I don't plan to fool anyone on that day but just see whether got ideas or not. Don't really have the mood to fool anyone right now. Just feel bad... haha... Too kind to fool them... Anyway, hopefully I won't be fool by my friends too... Just becareful..

P/s : Amazing Race: Ray and Deanne is eliminated !!! Anyway, they are quite a competition but it depends on their luck. The brothers were so close from getting eliminated. Close one for them. I was glad they make it. Phew.. the car crash was really a horrible thing to happen in Amazing Race. Anyway, I still support Rob and Amber. I know they can win but depends on their luck. It was really suprising that they people actually recognise them from SURIVOR. I guess that helps a lot when they need help. People who recognise them will help them.

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