Friday, March 18, 2005

Movie Day...

Ok, today Michelle, Eveleen, Joaquina and I went to watch movie's'. The reason why I say movie's' cause we watched 2 movies instead of one. This is all what happened. First, we all planned to watch the movie I do I do. Then, during the half way of the movie, the movie was cut off. Then, we can't wait anymore, so we went out to ask for refund. But, according to the lady, she said they can't refund the money but, we can watch a new movie. So, we decided to watch The Robots. It was so nice and really funny. Both movies. Can't stand laughing. Anyway, Please do visit my new blog :
I will put all my pictures there. So, tomorrow, we are going to play badminton/tennis at GCM.
I think that's all.
Good day everyone.

P/s : I can't believe that Debbis and Bianca was eliminated from the race. They are really competitive. And, smart way for Rob and Amber. For you guys who watched the 3rd episode, you will know what the smart way they used. Hehe...

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