Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love them!!!

Have you ever wondered how are you going to survive in a class full of students who don`t even speak English? Have you ever wondered how are you going to survive with only one electrical dictionary? Difficult but, I CAN!!!
On first day in Hasami High School, I was placed in the third class of Year 2. I am in the ceramic side. So, I actually learn to do ceramics. I was so lost. I didn`t know what to so, what to say and how to interact. I don`t speak Japanese like everyone do and I can`t understand what everyone is trying to tell me. But, as I tried my best to smile to the students, they approached me and introduced each of them. They helped to remember all of their names! Though a lot of people say that they are maniacs, I think they are very cool and kind. As days in school passed by, I got closer and closer to them. I had fun during PE and even could communicate with them very well. I feel so relaxed. Tomorrow will be my last day in school. Whenever I thought about it, I feel so sad. I can`t believe that a week has just passed by very fast. I always don`t want to go to school because it was very cold but, now, I don`t want to stop schooling in Hasami High School. Hasami High School is very popular and has the one of the best baseball team in Japan. Maybe the best in Japan! The people there are really kind and fun! I will really miss them. Mmm... I don`t want to leave the school. I really love them so much! One of the girls, Takumi, gave me a picture which she drew. It was very very pretty!!! That is the very first anime picture that I had ever liked! All this time, I had no interest in anime and didn`t even bother to look at it but now, I love what she drew! I was soooo touched! I love them!
I will go to Hiroshima next Tuesday. It will be very cold there. I love my host family and they are very fun and kind! They are so cool. I will miss them very very much!!!

-sorry, i will try to upload pictures!-

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In Hasami, Nagasaki

Hey guys! I`m now in Japan, Nagasaki, Hasami. I am staying with my host family. They are very nice and kind to me. I am using their PC. Being away from home alone really make me feel that I would nvr want to be away from home. I really miss my family, dogs and house.
It makes me feel so insecure and scared sometimes. But, I know that God will be with me. I feel so sinful for sometimes feeling scared because I know that God will protect me. But, I believe that God will protect me, accompany me and make me feel good and not scared.
Lord, forgive me! I believe in you! I have faith in you that you will help me no matter what.
Back to my report, my host`s family house is really nice! It`s like the traditional Japanese house where you have the small and steep stairs. I love using the toilet! It`s very comfortable and nice. I have a room there. The bed is very comfortable and soft. The food is very nice. I had Udon Mee and Miso soup! Oishi! I also had a lot of tea. The family`s dog is called taohu. Very fierce but, cute. He is like a small sausage dog who lives inside the house. The dog is soooo cute that whenever we have our meal, he will go near us and asked for food. He is just like Scooby as he loves to sleep upright. Very cute but, Scooby is the cutest! Haha2x. I think that‘s all. Better stop now! Bye! Will update later!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


You all must be wondering why am I 'ishk'ing right? I'm 'ishk'ing because of the lack of responsibilities of the ppl nowadays. What I am talking abt here is the responsibilities of a citizen and the responsibilities ppl are holding as an employee of a company.
Last Tuesday, ard 7.00pm, a sudden, a pipe near my house broke and the water was shooting up with high pressure as high as the light pole.

Wasn't that clear but, it was obvious that the water was shooting up!

Shocked but, I was eager to know how would happen when the 'DO' Company ppl come and fix the pipe. Excitedly, I quickly took a few pics of the water with our DigiCam. Daddy as well, started calling the 'DO' Company emergency number. However, in frustrations, he couldn't reach them. No one was answering the phone! Not only that, he called for almost the whole night and even called back to his offcie to getsomeone to call but still, no one picked up. Hello??? It was supposed to be an EMERGENCY NUMBER!!! It means that there must be at least some ppl there to stand by in case there is any EMERGENCY!!! Where got any company especially the 'DO' Company don't have ppl to stand by for EMERGENCY?? What if there is anything EMERGENCY, what are we going to do? Who are we going to find? How are we going to solve it? Don't tell me to look for the 'DON'T' Company. Btw, there is no such thing as the 'DON'T' Company. As it was getting late at night, I was getting really disappointed and angry because there was no one answering Daddy's call and no one trying to solve the problem. What even made me angry was when a 'JinaChk' car just drove pass my house without even stopping by and check what happened or at least help to call for help. But, NO! They didn't even do so. Frustrated and angry, I went to sleep hoping the 'DO' Company will send ppl here to fix the pipe.
Next morning, ...
The water is still shooting up!!! What the heck??!! Still shooting up meaning a lot of water has been wasted!

WHAT THE??!! The water is still shooting high up with high pressure. Nobody came and fix it. And, Mummy told me that Daddy tried to call but no one answered. Ishk... Do you know how much water is wasted just because of the 'DO' Company's irresponsible attitude and also the 'JinChak' too.
Imagine what would happen if there is a bigger problem with your irresponsible attitude. What will happen to our lil' city? What will happen to our country? What will happen to our world? Sorry, but that's what I think. Please larr... Think using your brain! If you want to have an EMERGENCY NUMBER, pls have ppl there to stand by otherwise, what is the use of having it? Wasting ppl's time and telephone bil.
Ishk... You all could feel how angry and disappointed I am because of this. So, next time, if any of you all get the chance to work in the 'DO' Company or be a 'JinChak', do your best to change the weaknesses and don't let any of these happen anymore. More problems will occur if it is not corrected. So, we must do our best to prevent this! Ganbatte!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Life changed...

Lately this few days, I had been typing, printing, cutting, laminating, hammering in school the whole time!!! It means, I had been skipping almost all my class recently. Not only that, I even had to stay back for backdrop and stay up late at night to finish up some prefects' stuff and some homework. You guys all should know that being a Head Girl of a school is very difficult but somehow, I do find joy in being one.
Being the Head Girl of my school for abt 4 months really taught me a lot. I still remember the first time when I was announced as the Head Girl on the first day I became my sch's emcee. I was quite surprised indeed but not THAT SUPRISED when our PKHEM announced it. In my mind that time was what am I going to do next?? I still remember ppl shaking my hands congratulating me. I had some sort of a brain freeze. Actually, I kind of knew what was going on because my sch's pricipal accidentally told me abt it. But, when he knew I didn't know, he quickly covered it up.
For the first week of my new indentity, I felt that my whole personality has changed from a jovial and crazy lil' girl to a lonely but, trying to keep her old self back. Everything changed! Not only in sch but at home too! My mum became so strict at me. Whatever I do like, I want to go out, she would say no. What she explained to me was since I am the Head Girl, I must also keep balance of my studies too. I must study hard and get good result to prove to ppl that I can balance both my acdemics and also my co-curricular acts. I was really stressed up and wanting to give up.
Nextly, my sch life also changed. My friendship with my best friends got further and further. I was feeling so lonely and sad. Besides, the teachers are getting quite fed up with me because I had to skip their classes. Sometimes, my closest friend even confess to me that I have changed. I became more bossy. I was so hurt hearing what she said. I was so sad and mad of myself. I didn't want myself to changed. I tried to apologised to her and told her to remind me that if I had ever changed again.
Even my blogging life also changed. I used to online almost everyday or at least once a week. But, ever since that, I could hardly have time to go online. I could hardly find the time to blog. I felt so left out and so lonely.
I had a lot of fun too after since that. I learnt to know more friends and got to get to know them more. Especially Effa, Norazalia, Syaza, Sukinah, Jack, Arman and more!!! I nvr figured that I could know so many cool and great friends. They are so honest and cool to hang out with. Besides, I also had fun doing backdrops, doing duty and so on.
I also learnt to interact more with the teachers. Though I could understand how a teacher would feel because Mummy is a teacher and I used to grow up in a staff room, I could actually know what the teacher wants, thinks and feels.
I also learnt to organised things well and do things more in a serious manner. I learnt to try to get things done on time and get things managed well. It's a priceless lesson.
Well, things aren't as bad as I thought it would be. I knowGod has a great plan ahead for me. He will always be there for me, guide me and protect me. I know that with Him, all things are POSSIBLE!!!

'I can do all things in Him, who strengthen me' Phillipians 4:13

Friday, October 27, 2006

Autumn In My Heart

Everybody knows that I am a TV freak since young. I love watching TV. No matter what kind of programme, I love to watch them all! I watch all kinds of programmes like, talk show, TV series, movies, reality shows and bla bla. Talking abt TV series, it took up almost 50% of my TV life. I watched TV series the most. HK series, Taiwanese series, Singaporean series and even Korean series. I love them all! HK series for me is more to showing diff types of life style and career. As for Singaporean series, they are more to reality. Taiwanese series and Korean series are more to romance. But, Korean series are much more focussed on romance.
Autumn In My Heart, a quite old series which I watched few years ago. It is being shown again on 8TV. Few years ago, I watched it when my Dad rent its VCD to watch. I was quite young when I watched it. It was really one of the saddest series I had ever watched. I couldn't help my tears from coming out! It was really sad and touching especially in the beggining of the series.
Now, it is showing on 8TV every weekend, 4.00pm to 5.00pm. Last week Sun, I watched it. I must confess that I thought that I would not cry when I watched. I thought I could control my tears. But, I couldn't!!! When I watched it, I was fighting my tears back. It was really very touching. At this moment, I knew that I would have to award this series as the 'Most Touching Series'. Even guys, I think they will also be touched by the series. Although the ending is really a tragic, it proves one thing. It proves that LOVE is very strong.

Look at the tears! How can you not feel sad and touched??

A rough view of the actors and actress of the series

Friday, October 20, 2006

Finally back!!!

I'm fnally back to blogging. After days, weeks and months for being absence and not updating my blog, I'm finally back! Before, I was really busy. Busy with my studies, prefects and leos. But now, my exams are over! What a great relief! Many things happened from where I stopped blogging until now. Let me update you guys what happened:
1. I was chosen to go to Japan for a Youth Exchange for 1 month!
2. I has some friends-conflicts... (Urgh..)
3. I'm really depressed with my school life...(Man!)
4. I'm really depressed with .....
5. I'm having a futsal competition tomorrow!
6. I discovered I kind of look like Jane - PSS M'sia

Yes, a lot of depression and also good news. Had to face all of these things. But, thank God, He was there for me all the time.

For my futsal competition, the team I'm in, COOL IN PINK, is cool and in pink. I love our tee!!! It was pink and really nice. It suited out theme very well. I love it. And hopefully, we can do well tomorrow. I did think that we have quite a big chance because my captain, Ieqa (The Miri Snake) is a pro in footballs. Janice, is built with a lot of stamina and fast, also, she can catch the ball fast. Pei Ling, good in playing games with balls (don't mistaken.. I was saying abt footballs). Cherylynna, the girl who is good at goalkeeping.
Those who wants to go and watch, do go! It's on Saturday, 21st Oct, 1.30pm but only with one condition, must wear PINK.

Tnx for everybody's support!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Danson came in 2nd

Our sch's Sport's Day just ended well. Happily and proudly, the sports house that I am in, Danson, came in second!!! Go Go Go Danson!!! I'm proud of Danson!!!
We prefects had some jobs to do for Sport's Day. Deco, carrying stuffs and also controlling students. Hard but, we had fun. We actually went to watch movie during lunch - Stay Alive.
Well, it was a nice movie but, I thing I disike it is abt the evil spirit . That's the only part that I think is scary coz' without, the whole story wouldn't be a horror movie. Love half of the plot. Well, the reason why I love only half of the plot is that we didn't finish the movie. While watching it, my hp vibrated and yes, we all need to rush back to stadium coz' smth happened.

Sorry to those whom I lied. I didn't mean to but we were all enjoying there. I wouldn't want us all to be bombed just because we were all there. Plus, we didn't have any tugas. So, literally, it's NOT our FAULT. Sorry!!!

After the whole thing, we prefects had a lot of fun! We cleared up everything. Then, we all took pics together and posed a lot of poses - 'Ah Lien's pose and the 'L' shaped finger pose.

The 'L' shaped finger pose - One board, One family!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006


What happened to 559?
559 is the hotel room number that my friends and I stayed in KK. It was the most memorable time I had with my friends. We had gone through a lot of things that friends don't normally go through much. Laughters, Joy, Tears, Special Bond, Honesty, Fun... That's what 9 of us had gone through. I really wich I could go back into time where we were spending a lot of time together in that room. That special little suite.
I miss you.
What happened? I am confused and I had no idea what is going on...

Lord!!! Help us...

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am lagged again. Lagged from blogging world. While everybody is busy blogging, this little girl here is still lagging and busy with her sch's stuffs. So, what am I busy abt this time?

Busy No. 1:
School homework - Have bunch of it and still can't manage to finish it one go.

Busy No. 2:
School co - curriculum - Sports, Mag Club, Leo Club, CG, Prefects, and more add more busy into my busy busy life.

Busy No. 3:
TV addiction - I am still addicted to TV . Though I am very busy, I still manage to keep up with my TV routine. That's one big problem.

Though I only have 3 'busy points', those 'busy points' have their own elaboration so, that means, I am very very very very very busy.

-can't I just get out of this busy life just for one moment???-


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Meeting with all the Astro Stars!!!

You guys won't going to believe this but, yes, it's true. I met the Astro stars yesterday both in afternoon and night at Parkson and Indoor Stadium!!!
They had a function in Parkson and a charity concert in Indoor Stadium.
Oh well, I went to Parkson in the afternoon right after my Physics tuition around 3. Luckily, they haven't started yet. I squeezed my way to in front of the stage to get a good view. It was terrific! While waiting for it to start, Er Jie and Lynna showed me the Kwok Fai's CD with his autograph on it and their photo with him!

They're so fortunate!!!

I envy them for being so lucky to have the chance to hav a pic with him! But, no regrets for not missing my tuition just for this. Then, Penny and an unknown guy came out to greet the public and say some thanks to the public for coming to support them. Then, they introduced the hosts for the function, Hong San and Bao Yu, Bei Bei's Diary Show's (a children show) hosts.

Nice tees, though it was ripped but, fashionable!

Then, they introduced a few veteran singers, winners of the Astro Talent Quest. The uncles were really good in singing and the voices is very good too. After the uncles, the 2nd runner up of Astro Talent Quest 2005 came out and sang a fast paced song with some cool dances.

Wow.. nice...

After her, there was this little cool, good looking kid aged 13 who won the 'Ting Ting'(the competition hosted by Hacken Lee where there involved hitting the bell) Competition came out and perform an Indian dance. He was really good in that! No wonder he won that competition. Haha2x.

HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last, Chen Kwok Fai came out singing this really nice song, 3 Minutes with very nice expressions.

He is the winner of the Astro Talent Quest 2005

Then, he sang his EP's theme song, Believe in Love. Wow, nice song and nice voice! I decided to do smth while he was singing that. While everybody is listening in silence, I put my arm up and wave to him. He saw me and waved back to me!!! Haha2x. It was really fun!

Nice smile...

An uncle came out and sang a song called 'Tong Xin Chuan'. He reminded us that it is not 'Tong Xin Yuan'!!! Haha2x.

Then, the hosts came out and said, " After the song 'Tong Xin Chuan', who else watched 'Tong Xin Yuan'?"
My and Er Jie screamed and Lynna were jumping up and down. Hong San saw her jumping up and down and imitated her. Haha2x. Then, they introduced Yvonne Lim, as known as Fyn in 'Tong Xin Yuan' singing the song, 'Yue Guang'. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is really pretty and sang very sweet!!!

After Yvonne, AH!!!!!!!!! M'sian's Michael Jackson version, ZHANG YAO DONG!!!! Aka, Da Jiang in 'Tong Xin Yuan'. He was really good looking, his voice was so sweet singing 'Ai Hen Jian Dang', a song where JY and John sang out of tune!!! He sang it so well and sweet. I love it! AH!!!!!!!!!

He is really good looking and cute!!! Nice hair style too. He is a Malaysian for you all's info.

They left the last for the best, Nick Chung!!! I knew the song he was singing but, I nvr know it was him singing. I also knew he comes from Sarikei. He is so good looking and cute! I did the same thing to him like what I didn to Kwok Fai and he saw it and he smiled to me by nodding his head!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't he cute?? Haha2x..

He also came down to shake hands with us and I sticked my hand out and he shaked my hand!!! Haha2x. After I take down my hand, *ouch!!!* my neck hurts!!! Haha2x.

Then, the whole thing ended with an autograph session with Chen Kwok Fai, Zhang Yao Dong, Yvonne and Nick. Zhang Yao Dong and Yvonne prepared their photos to be given out. I went up with Chen Kwok Fai EP to be signed again. I didn't have Nick Chung's album coz' we didn't know where to get it so, I managed to take a picture with him.

Oh.. isn't he cute? Haha2x. Look at the peace!!!

Then, I went to Yvonne there, took a pic with her, shaked hands and smiled!!!

Yvonne and I with the nice background of Zhang Yao Dong!

Fyn gave this to me!!! Opps.. I meant Yvonne.. Hehe2x..

At Zhang Yao Dong, I also shaked hand with him, took a pic with him and said 'Xie Xie'!!!

Wow.. in real person!!!

Cool looking.. Not bad..

Ahh.. At last, Chen Kwok Fai, he had his manager there to help out. She helped to take a pic for me with him and he signed his EP by writing 'To Lynns' and signed!!! He is so friendly as he actually stood up just to take a pic with me!!

Taking pic with Kwok Fai with Lynna behind

His EP, Believe in Love

I was super excited that time and saw Bridget with Nick Chung's album. I asked her where she got it and she told me where. Lynna was jumping up and down wanting it so, Er Jie had to take out her wallet and gave me the money. I ran to buy the album and got a free poster. We when and get his autograph again. He was so cute!!! While walking up the stairs, I fell down then, I broke my shoes!! Haha2x. Funny thing! But, I got his signature on the poster while Lynna was getting his on the album.

Nick Chung's Album!!!

When I came down, I took a pic with Hong San and Bao Yu!!!

Hong San and I!!!

Bao Yu and I!!!

Then, Lynna came down and she and Er Jie took a pic with Bao Yu. Then, together with Sharon and her friend, they took a pic with Hong San.
We were so excited and went out to wait for our car. Not long after, they went out too leaving Parkson. I waved to them!!! Haha2x.

Then, went back to get ready for the Indoor Stadium concert.

Well, that's all for the Parkson Astro Function. I'm going to post about the Astro Concert in my next post next time! So, stay tune!!!


Friday, May 26, 2006

Lagged for a long while from blogging~

Oh well, welcome me back again from busy life to blogging!
Sorry for not updating you all about my life in this blog because I barely had a time to sit down in front of the computer to blog. Was quite busy with sch stuffs. But, because of the holidays now, I am able to just spend a while for my blog.
Well, a lot of things happened during my absence in blogging. First of all, Kuiz Kesihatan, Sem 1 Exam, EAK and a lot more.

Let me talk about my Kuiz Kesihatan for a while.
It was held on the FIRST day of Sem 1 Exam. Though so, I wasn't really worry of anything but, just want to do my best in this competition. Well, honestly, I didn't really study for this but, did a last minute study a night before so, was OK. I was really nervous when Miss Tang told me that I am the 2nd contestant which means, I am not a subsititute contestant. So, gt study hard for this. Well, we went to SMK Luak at around 8 then, were quite nervous and excited. Then, we saw our opponents, SMK Lutong and SMK Riam. After a short briefing, we went up the stage for a rehersal. I had to sit with the other 2 contestants from the other schs because we weren't suppose to sit together with our team. So, trying to be very friendly, I said 'hi' to both of them. The guy from SMK Lutong was responsive and asked me which form I am in Mandarin. (Shocked) I replied, " You know how to speak Mandarin? I thought you are not a Chinese.."
So, he actually showed me his tag and we had a little chat during the competition because during the resting sessions, we had ntg to do. Sadly, we won 2nd. SMK Riam got 1st. Sad sad sad but, it's OK. At least we tried our best!

At least we won first in EAK...which brings me to the EAK topic now...
EAK was held in around beginning of May. EAK is actually the short name for Eksplorasi Alam Kerjaya. It's one of the category in the whole Karnival Pertandingan Sains dan Teknologi. Our sch sent about more than 10 ppl for all types of competition. I joined the Buku Skrap Kerjaya before but, didn't win anything so, decided to join EAK instead. Athirah, Qi Ying, Ming Chai and Wei Huei joined the Media, Kim joined the Poster Drawing and a lot more. Our EAK was about the Obstrectrian and Gynaecology career. Don't think wrong. That's why we want to do it because a lot of ppl think wrongly about this career. Our documentasion book was incredibly thick and I really love our presentation. We were the first one to present but, smth happened. Our sch's laptop doesn't want to connect to the LCD. So, they gave us a chance to fix it first. We panicked and tried all sorts way. I really prayed to God asked Him to help us. And He really did. Abigail checked her pencil case and found her pen drive was inside there. Then, we quickly transfered the infos into the other laptop. Everything went our smoothly. During the Q&A session, I was really gald that I wasn't asked questions because I really had no idea how to answer the questions they asked. Luckily, Marvin answered it very well and I helped to answer one question about the M'sia's populatian aim, which was 70 mil ppl. Then, we went off to wait for the result. We waited for abt 2 hrs. After Ming Chai's group's presentation, they looked very confident and said theirs was the best so far. I really envied them for having the confidence. Then, while announcing the results, we were all standing at the side there to listen for the blurr speaker to announce the results. The first one was for Media. Third, Second then, FIRST, SMK St. Columba!!! Oh my gosh, we got one gold already! Way the go, StcCo! Then, EAK. We were extreamely scared. Third, Second, SMK Dato Permaisuri, our rivalry in EAK!!! OK, it was down to either our sch or SMK Merbau. We didn't want to think because we actaully had the feelings that we are getting it. FIRST, SMK St. Columba!!! 2 golds!!! We were jumping like crazy ppl. Then, the Poster Drawing, Kim won!!! 3 golds!!! That was like the best day of one of my fav competition. Our sch went back with 3 golds and 1 silver and with victory over half of the whole secondary sch categories. So, we will be representing Miri on 15th June in Miri. We will do our best to get the best! Please pray for us!!!

As for Sem 1 Exam, it was just over today. I actually felt relaxed this whole week not because I am confident but, just felt relaxed and no stress. But, I really pray I will do good in them! Pls pray for me!

Well, that's all for the updates. Will update you guys more soon. I will be going for the Astro Concert tomorrow so, might blog about it so, stay tune for more posts!!! (am I advertising my blog or what??) Haha2x.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our beloved Mama

Mama has returned to the Lord this morning.
Ntg we could do to change the fact but to really pray that her soul will rest in peace and will live the eternal life in heaven with the Lord. Mummy said that it is also better because we don't want Mama to suffer much.
In the morning:
Dad received a call from small uncle this morning that Mama's condition is getting worse. So, we all rushed to the hospital. There, when I went into the ICU Unit, tears started to roll pver my cheeks. At this moment, I realised that the Lord is really taking Mama with Him this time. But, I kept praying to God not to take her away. In my heart, I was crying out to God that I don't want any painful moment in my heart anymore. But, as time passes, I realised that it is enough for Mama. She has suffered much. All we could do now is to pray Mama's soul will rest in peace.

Almost all of us is in my house now. Just planning for the funeral tomorrow. I still can't believe that this is happening. Just can't believe.

But, I would like to thank those who came to visit, messaged and called me. Thanks guys for all the comfortings. I am happy to have a friend like you all. Tnx!

I love you, Mama. I love you!

CNY 2006

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Still so Busy!

Sorry for not updating this blog for a very long term. Was very busy with a lot of things.
First of all, I am elected as the Secretary of Leo Club for the fiscal year of 2006/2007. Then, I am having an English Drama Competition 2006 on the 8th April. Nextly, I just got a good news that my Tennis Interdivision Competition is still on which is on the 17th to 19th of April. Then, my EAK Competition is on around end of April. Oh gosh! So much things to do on April especially competitions. But, I know I can cope up with all of these. Please pray for me so.

Next news, BAD news. Pluto passed away! I don't want to say it now because I don't want to go through this again. The thing I want to say is that please don't drive too fast on roads especially near housing area. And to the one who did this to Pluto, pls don't do it again and May God bless you.

Last but not least, Mama. She is back in Miri now. Please pray for her as her kidney and kungs are not functioning right now. Please pray for her. We need your prayers. Her heart is beating OK but, it's the complications she is having. So, please pray for her that she will have the faith in God that she will get through this hard moment. Please pray that she will be healed by God's healing power. Please pray that God will spare her a life. Please pray. That's all I can ask from you all who read this. Please pray. Tnx and God Bless you all.

That's all for my post this time!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lord, please heal Mama

Mama went to Kch for a heart by-pass orperation recently. Her operation was finished and OK. But, suddenly, the doctor came and told my mum that her heartbeat stopped for a while but, sooner later, it came back again beating normally. They worried that at the period of no heart beat would affect her brain and kidney. So, they let her sleep until the next day. She woke up the next morning. Everything was fine and she doing fine. However, during the afternoon, my mum told us that her kidney isn't functioning normally. At that time, we were all very worried and in tensions. Praying hard to the Lord to ask for healing. The doctor scanned through her heart and noticed that it was still bleeding. So, we made a conclusion that it was the reason why her kidney wasn't functioning normally. But now, her heart is beating good and everything is good but, her kidney isn't functioning well. So, she is currently using the dyalisis.
Please pray for her. Pray that God will strenghten her faith in Him and heal her.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm not getting what I want!

I'm not getting what I want. I can't believe it. I want something but, ntg in return. Sometimes, when I want something, what I get is always a second hand.
For eg, my current hp. I always wanted a phone and then, my dad gave me his which is 2100. But, isn't it his? I am still using a second hand. Another eg, my blue pencil case. It wasn't either. I wanted a pencil case last time in Form 1 but, my mum gave me my sister's. But, isn't it hers? Yes, I am using another second hand. I am always using ppl's second hands.
Except my MP3 player. I guess that was the only expensive thing that I really own. Not SECOND HANDS.
Guess my hard work takes time to pay off....
I just don't want to think about it now.
I still remembered how I cried when I didn't get anything for my 7A's PMR. Most of my friends asked me what I got and I must admit it was really hard to answer them that question. Whatever I answered didn't satisfied them. They didn't even believe that I didn't get anything.
I really have no mood for this. Even how hard I want it I just can't get it. Nvm. I guess God has smth even better for me. EVEN BETTER!!!!
I don't even want to think about it now! I think I just repeat what I just said.

Now I don't even think that whether that dream will some true or not.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

From Time To Time

My dad bought a newly built house recently. It was suppose to be a secret last year but, since we are going to move in around either this month or May, I suppose there is ntg to be so secretive anymore.

We started by dropping by at the house and took a look in it last year. My parents are very satisfied and fell in love with the design and size of it.

It was just a structure of cemented house before.
Then, it was upgraded to a more fully cemented house.
Then, my parents went for agreement and officially bought the house. We named it 'Lot 623'. After that, we went to see the other houses which are the same as it because we can't go into the house as it wasn't fully safe almost everyday. We were all very excited for the house.
But, we do made a few changes in the house. For example, we changed the toilet tiles because the exact ones are almost like the usual public toilet ones. We changed them into a bigger size tiles with luxurious colour.
My parents' blue tiles. It was quite dirty there as they need to work on other parts of the toilet.
After the toilets, they worked on the upper floor's florring. We used laminated floor. Laminated floor is the kind of floor which looks like wooden floor. We chose a darker colour because we don't want it to get dirty easily. Over all, it looked great and gave us an energetic feeling in our rooms.
I really love it! It is just so nice and I hope that I will nvr get tired of it!
They even had put on the railing at the stairs and guess what? All the doors and the railing have almost the same colour with the floor!
Then, about the floor tiles at the ground floor, we wanted to use a lighter orange but, since the 'lau pan' doesn't have that kind of colour, we decided just to use that. But, it looks very nice.

This is the exmaple of the floor tiles of the wet kitchen. It's going to be the same ast the others.

Well, the current condition now is :

It is not really fully painted yet but, it is almost 90% built. My dad met some interior designers to design in the inner house. We thought that this will be our permanent house so, why not decorate it til the nicest so that we can comfortably move in. We haven't gotten the sketch yet but, should be fast. Hopefully wouldn't 'over-budgeted'. Haha...

Anyway, please pray for me for my upcoming Ujian Berkala and also some other competitions. Bless you all!


Friday, February 17, 2006

Busy Busy Busy Form 4 Year

You guys must be annoyed when visiting my blog and found that it wasn't updated yet. Yes, I know that. I got a lot of work to do and was VERY busy. Plus, Lynna has the control over the computer more than 50% so, she is always in front of the computer everyday checking on forums, bla bla. Ok, the update of the time:11.23pm. That's quite late already for a normal girl like me. I will have a lot of things going on tomorrow and my eyes are very droppy now but, still need to stay up to look for the infos of gynaecologist. Help~~~ Well, micnutes ago, I wanted to put up some nice pics but, since I can't open the window to upload the pictures, so, decided to put it up next time. Update of the time: 11.38om.
Oh, Valentine's Day, for the sale,m it was great! Well, I think our group did the best in distributing the roses. Way the go rose!!! Haha... I got some roses as well because my friends gave it to me and some was forced. Haha.. I gave one to Mama to make her happy. Everything went well. And... the end of the day.

Leo Signatures Game!!! For my opinion, it was kind of fun. Though a bit of nervous and eager to get the signatures, still got to join the fun of getting them! Please pray for me that I will collect them! Wonder what kind of assignments will they give me. Hopefully a 'do-able' assignment and not the one that is 'undo-able'.

Well, gtg find more infos of gynae. Please pray for me once again! Love you guys!

Update of time: 11.44pm

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Last Episode of Twin of Brothers

Last night was the last episode of the Twin of Brothers. Well, I must admit that it was the best ending for an ancient series. I really love it. I can't express my feelings through blogging but, I have a lot to say about it.
My Best Actor & Best Actress:
Best Actor - I must change the 'Best Actor' to 'Best Actors'. I can't make my decision between Ron Ng and Raymond Lam. They are both good in their own ways. Ron Ng was really great in playing his own role as a religious man who loves his love one. In another way, Raymond is really fabulous in playing an evil man who was possesed by the evil power. He also played the role of a good and playful man. They are really talented. But, at the end of the day, I must make the ultimate decision between them. Well, for me, the Best Actor must be RAYMOND LAM. Why? Why not Ron Ng? Well, Ron Ng was really good but, too bad the series didn't reveal a lot of his talent in playing all types of roles compared to Raymond Lam. I admit that I like Ron Ng more than him. But, to be fair, Raymond did a great job int his series. He played a role of a man who is very playful and kind-hearted at first but, was influenced by an evil power. The way he acted was really good and it showed that he was into his own character. So, my decision is final.
Best Actor: Raymond Lam

Rong Ng and Raymond Lam

My Best Actor forTwin of Brothers

Best Actress - This is the hardest decision among all! All the actresses acted very well in their own roles. I really like Leila Tong because I am her fan. Tavia Yeung was also good. Li Qian on the other hand was great in acting. For Nancy Wu, for my own opinion, she did OK. According to, Nancy Wu was he/her Best Actress. But, for me, I don't think so. She wasn't as good as I thought she will be. Maybe that I had read about how good she was in and expected her to be very good. But, everything turns out different. She was just ok. I found her quite annoying sometimes when she kept bothering Ron Ng. I don't really like the way she cries. It is just very weird. But, I must admit that she was good in playing her own role. For Tavia Yeung, I have no comments about her. Li Qian, she was good and funny sometimes. For the first time I saw her picture in, i guessed she wasn't a Hong Kong actress but, a China actress. I was right! Though so, she was still good and I really like seeing her scenes with Raymond Lam. For Leila Tong, WOW! I really like her in this series. She was fabulous, good and pretty. Not being bias but, she is good in this series. Her chemistry with Ron Ng was irresistible great! You can see how much I like her in this series. She was very religous and helped Ron Ng all the way to success. She is caring, forgiving and understanding. Well, for my Best Actress, obviously, LEILA TONG.

Tavia Yeung & Li Qian

Nancy Wu, see how annoying she is?? 'I'm Ron's woman'? No no... for me, she is really annoying but, she did a great job as an evil lady who fell in love with a guy.

Leila Tong, My Best Actress of this series

Best Supporting Actor: It must be Tavia's brother. Though he didn't appear much in this series, he acted well and I really like his character. He showed that he was a very potential ruler. Well, this series wouldn't complete without a aupporting actor like him.

Tavia's brother

Best Couple: Leila Tong and Ron Ng!!! They are so cute to be together. I like watching them more than Ron Ng with Nancy Wu. They brought they relationship to a higher level when Laila Tong forgived him because of having an affair with Nancy Wu. This moment was really touching.

Ron Ng and Leila Tong - Such a great couple in this series!

Well, this series is one of the best ancient series I have ever watched. I will nvr regret watching. For them who haven't watch this yet, do watch because it is very interesting.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese New Year 2006

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody!!!
Well, sorry for not updating my blog for quite a long time. I had no chance to use the computer and the thing that I did the most was just watch the tv only. Well, here I am now to update you all about my life!
Chinese New Year Eve:
I did some hair experiment before the dinner. I tried to curl my hair using a DIY method. Which was, to roll my hair into a bun and then, apply some cream and blow it.All those small buns are really hard to make so, don't judge someone's hair by it's appearance!
Then, walah! Didn't really look like what it was in the pic but, at least it was curly... and MESSY!!!

Well, as usual, we went to Mama's house to have a 'tuan yuan fan' dinner. I wore my new shorts which I really like! Reached there quite early for dinner but, we did helped a bit and chatted. The Gohs came right on time for dinner. Then, we started dinner!
I didn't really eat much because most of the food, I don't really know how to eat. The soup was really fabulous but, too bad I can't eat because of the seafood. I just realised it when I ate it. Then, the dinner went on uncomfortably for me because of the devastating allergy.

Yummy yummy...

Then, we took some pictures together:

It's me sitting on the sofaA picture with Ning
With Abel

And also Mimi

We went to the spot of the sea view and took some pictures and there, it's Lynn Xuan, Ning Jie, Me and Ning

Me with the Group C

Well, everything went well and great. Was quite tired but, at least enjoyed a lot! I will update you all again more on the CNY 2006!
May God bless you all!!!


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Old Folks' CNY Deco & Beach Cleaning

Today was very very tiring. First, I woke up at 6.20am, then, had simple breakfast. After, I rushed to the Old Folks home and I was late again. Everytime there is an activity there, I will be late because daddy always forgot where is the place. Well, luckily, I wasn't the only one late. So, we started to decorate, decorate and decorate, with everything red. Well, I didn't really do a lot of stuffs there because too much ppl there and they are all helping too so, not much stuffs for me to do. Then, we went to talk to the folks there and then, took photos. Once again, I had to knelt down on the ground with bare knees. Ouch! The bus was already here when we took photos but, right after we took the last snap, almost everybody ran to the bus to grab some seats. But for me, I just stood there doing ntg. For me, it is pointless to grab seats in the bus at that time because I wasn't in the mood for bus riding. But, all of them who ran to the bus had to come down again because we wanted to serve the folks some oranges.

I wasn't suppose to be in this picture because I sneaked in!!! Haha...

Am I really going to climb up the ladder??

Then, we made our way to the Piasau Boat Club Beach. I followed a Lion's car called Miss Bong. Wow, I must admit that her car is gorgeous. It was so comfortable and luxurious. But, too bad I didn't see the brand of the car. When I reached there, I had to wait for the bus to arrived then we can start. After watching my friends playing the swinging rope, which I had a nightmare last time during Michelle's b'day party, the bus arrived. Then, we started the cleaning. My group members was Michelle, Ivan, Edric, Jeremy and Roger. We had quite fun picking rubbish expecially pulling the plastics out from the sand. After about 15 mins of cleaning, we stopped. Took a walk and then, washed our hands. Then, I just stood around the place and took some pictures. Besides, we also had some food ordered by Lion Joseph. The Fried Mihun was really nice. I like it a lot! There were some dogs there too!!! Oh my gosh, those dogs are so adorable and CUTE!!! After eating, chatting and taking photos, bus arrived and went home.

I love this picture which taken at a small slope while Ieqa and me was squating down and Mic, Ivan bending...

-_- Sorry Ieqa, I was suppose to put yours instead of this! Haha...

Eating fried mihun behind there. Was impressed by Michelle's pose...Hahaha...

Friends forever! (What's that 4 persons doing behind there??)

That's all... It's very very very late now! Better off to sleep.