Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm not getting what I want!

I'm not getting what I want. I can't believe it. I want something but, ntg in return. Sometimes, when I want something, what I get is always a second hand.
For eg, my current hp. I always wanted a phone and then, my dad gave me his which is 2100. But, isn't it his? I am still using a second hand. Another eg, my blue pencil case. It wasn't either. I wanted a pencil case last time in Form 1 but, my mum gave me my sister's. But, isn't it hers? Yes, I am using another second hand. I am always using ppl's second hands.
Except my MP3 player. I guess that was the only expensive thing that I really own. Not SECOND HANDS.
Guess my hard work takes time to pay off....
I just don't want to think about it now.
I still remembered how I cried when I didn't get anything for my 7A's PMR. Most of my friends asked me what I got and I must admit it was really hard to answer them that question. Whatever I answered didn't satisfied them. They didn't even believe that I didn't get anything.
I really have no mood for this. Even how hard I want it I just can't get it. Nvm. I guess God has smth even better for me. EVEN BETTER!!!!
I don't even want to think about it now! I think I just repeat what I just said.

Now I don't even think that whether that dream will some true or not.



Esther's Blog said...

Hey gal..since when did u not get seven A's for your PMR oh?? Or did u mistaken it for UPSR? I guess..sometimes when we don't get what we want is probably God patient :P Well, its His will and everthing under Him will turn out good.. Look on the bright side gal!! At least u do have a phone and pencil case to use right?? Hehe..tats already like way better than some ppl..Anyways, 1st time me writin comments on someone's blog so had better read it!! :) Cheer up gal!

< u3!y!nG > said...

hey.. i understand how u feels but i know in the future u will get what u want. maybe it is not the `unnecessary` things that God want to give u.. mayb He wants to give u even more valuable one. I;m trying hard not to buy stuff unless i rally have to.

lynnx01 said...

If I were you, I would be very proud to tell my friends that I got 7A's but not get anything as a reward. What is so ashame about it? Getting presents or rewards is not the purpose for doing well in studies. Why sulk over this kind of thing? Can't you see the big picture?

lynthia said...

Tnx for the advise Esther and Uei Ying. I know I should look at the positive side and I believe that God will have smth better and useful for myself. Right now, I rather prefer mama to be completely well then asking for a hp.