Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lord, please heal Mama

Mama went to Kch for a heart by-pass orperation recently. Her operation was finished and OK. But, suddenly, the doctor came and told my mum that her heartbeat stopped for a while but, sooner later, it came back again beating normally. They worried that at the period of no heart beat would affect her brain and kidney. So, they let her sleep until the next day. She woke up the next morning. Everything was fine and she doing fine. However, during the afternoon, my mum told us that her kidney isn't functioning normally. At that time, we were all very worried and in tensions. Praying hard to the Lord to ask for healing. The doctor scanned through her heart and noticed that it was still bleeding. So, we made a conclusion that it was the reason why her kidney wasn't functioning normally. But now, her heart is beating good and everything is good but, her kidney isn't functioning well. So, she is currently using the dyalisis.
Please pray for her. Pray that God will strenghten her faith in Him and heal her.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm not getting what I want!

I'm not getting what I want. I can't believe it. I want something but, ntg in return. Sometimes, when I want something, what I get is always a second hand.
For eg, my current hp. I always wanted a phone and then, my dad gave me his which is 2100. But, isn't it his? I am still using a second hand. Another eg, my blue pencil case. It wasn't either. I wanted a pencil case last time in Form 1 but, my mum gave me my sister's. But, isn't it hers? Yes, I am using another second hand. I am always using ppl's second hands.
Except my MP3 player. I guess that was the only expensive thing that I really own. Not SECOND HANDS.
Guess my hard work takes time to pay off....
I just don't want to think about it now.
I still remembered how I cried when I didn't get anything for my 7A's PMR. Most of my friends asked me what I got and I must admit it was really hard to answer them that question. Whatever I answered didn't satisfied them. They didn't even believe that I didn't get anything.
I really have no mood for this. Even how hard I want it I just can't get it. Nvm. I guess God has smth even better for me. EVEN BETTER!!!!
I don't even want to think about it now! I think I just repeat what I just said.

Now I don't even think that whether that dream will some true or not.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

From Time To Time

My dad bought a newly built house recently. It was suppose to be a secret last year but, since we are going to move in around either this month or May, I suppose there is ntg to be so secretive anymore.

We started by dropping by at the house and took a look in it last year. My parents are very satisfied and fell in love with the design and size of it.

It was just a structure of cemented house before.
Then, it was upgraded to a more fully cemented house.
Then, my parents went for agreement and officially bought the house. We named it 'Lot 623'. After that, we went to see the other houses which are the same as it because we can't go into the house as it wasn't fully safe almost everyday. We were all very excited for the house.
But, we do made a few changes in the house. For example, we changed the toilet tiles because the exact ones are almost like the usual public toilet ones. We changed them into a bigger size tiles with luxurious colour.
My parents' blue tiles. It was quite dirty there as they need to work on other parts of the toilet.
After the toilets, they worked on the upper floor's florring. We used laminated floor. Laminated floor is the kind of floor which looks like wooden floor. We chose a darker colour because we don't want it to get dirty easily. Over all, it looked great and gave us an energetic feeling in our rooms.
I really love it! It is just so nice and I hope that I will nvr get tired of it!
They even had put on the railing at the stairs and guess what? All the doors and the railing have almost the same colour with the floor!
Then, about the floor tiles at the ground floor, we wanted to use a lighter orange but, since the 'lau pan' doesn't have that kind of colour, we decided just to use that. But, it looks very nice.

This is the exmaple of the floor tiles of the wet kitchen. It's going to be the same ast the others.

Well, the current condition now is :

It is not really fully painted yet but, it is almost 90% built. My dad met some interior designers to design in the inner house. We thought that this will be our permanent house so, why not decorate it til the nicest so that we can comfortably move in. We haven't gotten the sketch yet but, should be fast. Hopefully wouldn't 'over-budgeted'. Haha...

Anyway, please pray for me for my upcoming Ujian Berkala and also some other competitions. Bless you all!