Friday, October 27, 2006

Autumn In My Heart

Everybody knows that I am a TV freak since young. I love watching TV. No matter what kind of programme, I love to watch them all! I watch all kinds of programmes like, talk show, TV series, movies, reality shows and bla bla. Talking abt TV series, it took up almost 50% of my TV life. I watched TV series the most. HK series, Taiwanese series, Singaporean series and even Korean series. I love them all! HK series for me is more to showing diff types of life style and career. As for Singaporean series, they are more to reality. Taiwanese series and Korean series are more to romance. But, Korean series are much more focussed on romance.
Autumn In My Heart, a quite old series which I watched few years ago. It is being shown again on 8TV. Few years ago, I watched it when my Dad rent its VCD to watch. I was quite young when I watched it. It was really one of the saddest series I had ever watched. I couldn't help my tears from coming out! It was really sad and touching especially in the beggining of the series.
Now, it is showing on 8TV every weekend, 4.00pm to 5.00pm. Last week Sun, I watched it. I must confess that I thought that I would not cry when I watched. I thought I could control my tears. But, I couldn't!!! When I watched it, I was fighting my tears back. It was really very touching. At this moment, I knew that I would have to award this series as the 'Most Touching Series'. Even guys, I think they will also be touched by the series. Although the ending is really a tragic, it proves one thing. It proves that LOVE is very strong.

Look at the tears! How can you not feel sad and touched??

A rough view of the actors and actress of the series

Friday, October 20, 2006

Finally back!!!

I'm fnally back to blogging. After days, weeks and months for being absence and not updating my blog, I'm finally back! Before, I was really busy. Busy with my studies, prefects and leos. But now, my exams are over! What a great relief! Many things happened from where I stopped blogging until now. Let me update you guys what happened:
1. I was chosen to go to Japan for a Youth Exchange for 1 month!
2. I has some friends-conflicts... (Urgh..)
3. I'm really depressed with my school life...(Man!)
4. I'm really depressed with .....
5. I'm having a futsal competition tomorrow!
6. I discovered I kind of look like Jane - PSS M'sia

Yes, a lot of depression and also good news. Had to face all of these things. But, thank God, He was there for me all the time.

For my futsal competition, the team I'm in, COOL IN PINK, is cool and in pink. I love our tee!!! It was pink and really nice. It suited out theme very well. I love it. And hopefully, we can do well tomorrow. I did think that we have quite a big chance because my captain, Ieqa (The Miri Snake) is a pro in footballs. Janice, is built with a lot of stamina and fast, also, she can catch the ball fast. Pei Ling, good in playing games with balls (don't mistaken.. I was saying abt footballs). Cherylynna, the girl who is good at goalkeeping.
Those who wants to go and watch, do go! It's on Saturday, 21st Oct, 1.30pm but only with one condition, must wear PINK.

Tnx for everybody's support!