Thursday, November 24, 2005

Scooby's eye

Scooby's eye? What happened?
Well, the story goes like this...
Around half and a hour ago, after sending my mum's cousin's son for interview in Sesco, we went home. On the way home at the junction near the mosque, we saw cute and smart little Scooby waiting there, smiling! He was soooo adorable. Then, he chase our car back until home. When I got down from the car, *OH MY GOSH!* Scooby's right eye was bleeding and it was swollen!!! "Scooby, not again? Go figthing with who this time? Haih..."
Then, we quickly called my dad and he said he will be home if he has time while we were begging our mum to bring him to the Pet Angel. At last, my mum agreed to bring Scooby to the vet but, in one condition, we must pay for the consultation fee. Luckily, she was only talking to my little sister *Phew*, so my sister agreed witht he condition. Then, when we were about to send him, my dad came home. So, we went to the vet together. When reached there, the vet actually thought that we wanted to 'kembirikan' Scooby. *Shocked*. But, we explained to the vet. So, when checking Scooyby's eye, he explained that Scooby has a very big and deep cut but, unfortunately, he cannot sew it up because the place where the eye was cut was not suitable for sewing. So, the vet gave us a cream (smth like antibiodic) for Scooby's wound so that it will dry up and Scooby was injected with the injection for reduce the swollen part. Oh, Scooby was so scared and he even cried out! Poor Scooby. But, thank God that he is ok now. When I thought about this, I can imagine that how important Scooby is to our family.
Scooby, you are the best!!!

Cute Scooby!!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bored during the holidays?

Yup... Bored during the holidays. I have ntg to do and what I just did at home is just watch televison programmes, surf the net and did some exercises. Well, besides that, I also have been going on my own blog site which is this blog. Why? Just want to check out whether I have any comments or msg in the chatter box. But, no! Why??!! Anyway, I guess I must just keep encouraging my friends to visit. *Sighs* Well, can't just keep asking them to visit. I guess I have to plus more interesting stuffs into my blog. What stuff? Urm... Curious~

~Just thinking, I am not done yet~

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Vacation Bible School 2005 (GMC)

VBS 2005 is the reason why I haven't been updating my blog recently.
Vacation Bible School 2005 or was commonly known as VBS 2005 was held on the 17th Nov - 19th Nov 2005. It took 3 long days. It includes teaching, games and worships. Very fun! The whole process was a success indeed! Thank the Lord.
Well, my job is to help the teachers during their teaching process and also to help the kids if they need help. Tiring but, well-experienced!
The theme werse was about the Fruits of the Spirit-Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.
The best part was the station games on the morning of the third day. They are around 5 stations and I was in the Grape Station. The children was divided into groups and given clues. They have to go to the stations and complete the tasks given. The task in the station was to squeeze out 12 limes and 2 oranges into a small comtainer full. Very funny to see the kids to do that. Though it was a bit crowdy at first, we managed to handle the situation. Phew~
I also learned how to sing and dance the new songs-Spread His Love, The Fruit of the Spirit and many more~ I actually don't know how to sing because I can't read the lyrics but, my little sister kept singing the songs at home so, I know a bit.
Too bad I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to take my digi cam along. I have no place to keep and can't gurantee that it will be safe. So, better not. But, I might ask some pictures from my friend.
Now, I got a crack lip which is now swelling because I stayed under the air-conditioner during the VBS 2005 too long and also flu. Help~
Just hope that I will be feeling well tomorrow.

Comments sometimes are hard to get but, with the help of you all, I believe it is a VERY easy task for you all...*hinting*


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

42th Golden Horse Award 2005

The 42th Golden Horse Award 2005 was held at Keelung City, Taiwan on 13th of November 2005. The ceremony was very formal and exciting. I didn't really focus on the channel all the time because I wanted to watch other programmes like, Ultimate Victory and Super Trio Show. Anyway, this year's winners are all well deserved. I found that I can enjoy watching it because I know mostly the actors and actresses, not like past years' when I was so lost in them and don't even know who they are. But, this year is very different because I can understand what they are presenting and also know the actors and actresses except some. The one which I know the most among all is 'Initial D'!!! I watched that twice and it was awesome. I like the way they drive but, don't really like the romance in the movie. Plus, Jay Chou is nominated as the Best Newcomer and guess what?? He won!!! Suprisingly excited that he did a very good job in acting career and also in singing career. Wish him the best in Golden Melody Award next year!!!

Winners of the Awards:

Best Actor: Aaron Kwok (Divergence)

Best Actress: Shu Qi (Three Times) - Her smile is so sweet~

Best Newcomer: Jay Chou (Initial D)

Best Supporting Actor: Anthony Wong (Initial D)

Best Supporting Actress: Yuen Qiu (Kung Fu Hustle)

That's all for the winners! Actually, they are more but, these are more important, I guess.

Pictures during the ceremony:

Shu Qi and Aaron Kwok, the big winners of the night!

Yuen Qiu and Anthony Wong, also the big winners!

Jay Chou! Best Newcomer~

Shou qian shou, yi qi chou~ Jay and Anthony at the 'Blue Carpet'

Lydia Shum arriving at the 'Blue Carpet'

Takeshi Kaneshiro, a half Japanese and Taiwanese guy whom I found to have an 'OK' look

Oh~ This really pretty lady here is Michelle Krusiec who is a Taowan born US actress who is really good in acting. Not sad for her to not win the Best Actress because she really done a good job in that movie! You all must watch her film though I haven't even heard it~

This sweet lady here is Patty Hou, the host of the night. She is also Jay's girlfriend. If you all watched Azio News before, yes, she is the host. She is a very good host and speak English very well~

Well, that's it! Hope you guys will enjoy it!

Comments does not harm, my friends~


Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Holidays Updates:
Well, holidays are sometimes very boring but, I found that this time's holiday is far more interesting.
I was doing some activities to help me lose weight and also cut down my fats. Not sure whether it will work but, of course, do the best and hope for the best! I think that the time I spent in watching television programmes now is far more a lot than going on computer.
I guess I was too lazy to on the computer and to chat with my friends. Ntg to chat about either.
Plus, I am going to help out at my church's Vacation Bible School. It is for the children and I really hope this VBS and help them to move closer to God. I am the helper for the teaching session and also for the skit. Pray that I will do my best!

1. New Cuisine - Carbo. Kueh Tiaw

I've tried to make a new cuisine again to be added into my 'recipe book'. This time is 'Carbo Kueh Tiaw'. Why named that? It's because that I used food that mostly contain carbohydrate. Though it is quite fattening, it is very good for ppl who wants to gain weight (eg. Michelle Alfonso Albukuekkuek Kuek Pei Yin). Kidding. Sorry and no offence.
I am not going to reveal the recipe now because I don't feel like to. But, of course I will. Don't you all worry.
Some pictures of Carbo Kueh Tiaw:

Carbo Kueh Tiaw

Another pic of Carbo Kueh Tiaw with a pair of chop sticks holding the slice of potato

2. Dressing Up

My sister and I had ntg to do one day after going out for breakfast. So, we tried dressing up in our parents' room. We tried to where some of the clothes from our mum's closet. It was fun but, dissapointing when realised that I can't wear some clothes because too small for me. Haha2x. But, this is not a bad news because this can motivate me to cut down more fats! Ganbate Ne!!!

Pictures of me:

Wearing a red blouse with a persian long skirt (Thank God i looked good in this picture)

Me in the combination of a batik skirt and a simple red blouse

3. Folding Pyramids:

My mum found a big bag of straws which were specially for us to make stars, flowers and decorations. So, my sisters and I started to make pyramids (a small pyramid shape like) and throwing them in a VERY big Coca Cola bottle. We took about 2 days to finish the whole thing. We make pyramids of diff colours which range from the darkest to the brightest in the bottle. My butt was so painful because I sat on the small chair for so long and then, sat on the floor again. Ouch!

Pictures during the process of making:

The colourful pyriamids in the basket

The leftovers~

The big bag of straws!

Still half way to go~

Now, the complete masterpiece..*drumroll*...

Tada!!! Ladies and gentlement, the masterpiece! You can see that it was placed according from the darkest to the brightest

Well, that's all I had done during the holidays so far. I will update you all with more things!



Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Leo Fellowship Dinner 2005

Leo Club organised a Leo Fellowship Dinner and it went well. It was actually organised by a committee by the Form 3's. I'm one of them. Suprisingly, everything was great though, a bit weird. But, thank the Lord for all of these. We played a lot of games. Especially dirty and wet games. They used water and flour. But, it was very fun!!!

Well, I decided to put some pictures to show you all!

Example of how you will look like when you play the games:

This is my friend, Moses. You can see that the games are very violent until your clothes are all dirty. Since it is not me, you can laugh all you can. I wanted to take a picture of me but, too bad i changed and cleaned myself up earlier. So, no pictures of me!!!

Example of a picture of everybody playing:

Are they all really playing? Why are Pei Ling hugging Jin Jin? Why are everybody seems to be busy talking to each other?
Examples: Ryan talking to Sanjeet
Sing Ping talking to Shirley
Actually, they are playing this game of passing message through actions. About Pei Ling hugging Jin Jin, that will be unexplainable. Haha2x. Laugh all you can again.
P/S: I am in the picture. Spot me if you can!

Picture of my friends and I during the dinner:

This is my friend, Marvin a.k.a Muffin. A picture of everybody sitting on the floor. We were all playing the game of passing the message through actions. Interesting...

Well, I think that's all. I actually wanted to put more but, it seems that the programme to upload pictures into the blog is not working well. So, I might will put more pics. Enjoy!

Comments please??