Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Leo Fellowship Dinner 2005

Leo Club organised a Leo Fellowship Dinner and it went well. It was actually organised by a committee by the Form 3's. I'm one of them. Suprisingly, everything was great though, a bit weird. But, thank the Lord for all of these. We played a lot of games. Especially dirty and wet games. They used water and flour. But, it was very fun!!!

Well, I decided to put some pictures to show you all!

Example of how you will look like when you play the games:

This is my friend, Moses. You can see that the games are very violent until your clothes are all dirty. Since it is not me, you can laugh all you can. I wanted to take a picture of me but, too bad i changed and cleaned myself up earlier. So, no pictures of me!!!

Example of a picture of everybody playing:

Are they all really playing? Why are Pei Ling hugging Jin Jin? Why are everybody seems to be busy talking to each other?
Examples: Ryan talking to Sanjeet
Sing Ping talking to Shirley
Actually, they are playing this game of passing message through actions. About Pei Ling hugging Jin Jin, that will be unexplainable. Haha2x. Laugh all you can again.
P/S: I am in the picture. Spot me if you can!

Picture of my friends and I during the dinner:

This is my friend, Marvin a.k.a Muffin. A picture of everybody sitting on the floor. We were all playing the game of passing the message through actions. Interesting...

Well, I think that's all. I actually wanted to put more but, it seems that the programme to upload pictures into the blog is not working well. So, I might will put more pics. Enjoy!

Comments please??



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g0hy|3 said...

seems like u guys have a lot of fun...sigh...i wish i was there...too bad i have grown up...