Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Holidays Updates:
Well, holidays are sometimes very boring but, I found that this time's holiday is far more interesting.
I was doing some activities to help me lose weight and also cut down my fats. Not sure whether it will work but, of course, do the best and hope for the best! I think that the time I spent in watching television programmes now is far more a lot than going on computer.
I guess I was too lazy to on the computer and to chat with my friends. Ntg to chat about either.
Plus, I am going to help out at my church's Vacation Bible School. It is for the children and I really hope this VBS and help them to move closer to God. I am the helper for the teaching session and also for the skit. Pray that I will do my best!

1. New Cuisine - Carbo. Kueh Tiaw

I've tried to make a new cuisine again to be added into my 'recipe book'. This time is 'Carbo Kueh Tiaw'. Why named that? It's because that I used food that mostly contain carbohydrate. Though it is quite fattening, it is very good for ppl who wants to gain weight (eg. Michelle Alfonso Albukuekkuek Kuek Pei Yin). Kidding. Sorry and no offence.
I am not going to reveal the recipe now because I don't feel like to. But, of course I will. Don't you all worry.
Some pictures of Carbo Kueh Tiaw:

Carbo Kueh Tiaw

Another pic of Carbo Kueh Tiaw with a pair of chop sticks holding the slice of potato

2. Dressing Up

My sister and I had ntg to do one day after going out for breakfast. So, we tried dressing up in our parents' room. We tried to where some of the clothes from our mum's closet. It was fun but, dissapointing when realised that I can't wear some clothes because too small for me. Haha2x. But, this is not a bad news because this can motivate me to cut down more fats! Ganbate Ne!!!

Pictures of me:

Wearing a red blouse with a persian long skirt (Thank God i looked good in this picture)

Me in the combination of a batik skirt and a simple red blouse

3. Folding Pyramids:

My mum found a big bag of straws which were specially for us to make stars, flowers and decorations. So, my sisters and I started to make pyramids (a small pyramid shape like) and throwing them in a VERY big Coca Cola bottle. We took about 2 days to finish the whole thing. We make pyramids of diff colours which range from the darkest to the brightest in the bottle. My butt was so painful because I sat on the small chair for so long and then, sat on the floor again. Ouch!

Pictures during the process of making:

The colourful pyriamids in the basket

The leftovers~

The big bag of straws!

Still half way to go~

Now, the complete masterpiece..*drumroll*...

Tada!!! Ladies and gentlement, the masterpiece! You can see that it was placed according from the darkest to the brightest

Well, that's all I had done during the holidays so far. I will update you all with more things!



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