Saturday, October 22, 2005

New borned puppies...SCOOBY!!! I love you the MOST!!!

On 20th Oct 2005, Hei Gou had given birth to 5 cute puppies. They are so so so cute. I took some pics of them and Scooby.
I am so happy as this is the first time I have a dog which had given birth. So excited! We decided to keep one male with no tail. But, Scooby is our most loved dog!!! Hei Gou is very obedient as she let us go near her and her puppies. She actually gave brith at an abnadoned house near our house but, Dad went to bring it back to our house and she obediently followed. Scooby was also sooo excited but, was scolded by Hei Gou. Scooby didn't feel angry because of the presence of the puppies.

Hei Gou and her puppies (Aren't they adorable??)

Scooby, cute Scooby.. Even adorable Scooby! You are so so so cute and none other dogs can be compared to you! Smart and photogenic dog! My brother!!!

Aren't they cute? Please do drop some comments!!!



l y n n w e i said...

how come all the puppies black black?? rupanya it's true, when they say black is dominant gene! haha..

btw..if u notice, scooby's teeth...the gigi of it is missing! haha..notty scooby!

Nan0taY said...

Hey...their birthdays date same as Abel lar...if the birthday means Abel birthday kebetulan ....They are really very cute lar....I wan one but i scared of dogs ...aih....sien ar...why i scared of dogs a?Natural!
i got post comments for every of your entries....dunno how to say the things....gtg liao
I wan to sleep liao lor....G00d night!