Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Recipe of Flipping Stuffed Egg

This is the recipe of the Flipping Stuffed Egg®:

What to prepare?
1. A handful of mixed veges
2. 1 or 2 long sausages ( cut into small pieces)
3. 3 eggs
4. 2 or 3 layers of popiah skin
5. 2 spoonful of cooking oil

What' next?
1. Firstly, boil the sausages and the mixed veges.
2. Then, after boiling, put it at the other side.
3. Prepare the eggs by frying one egg first. (Make sure that it is wide open)
4. Then, lay the sausages and the mixed veges on the fried egg.
5. After that, while still on the pan frying, put the layers of popiah skin over the contents and pour one beaten egg over it.
6. Then, pour the last beaten egg at the side of the food so that it will stick to the base.
7. Try flipping the whole food without the contents falling out. (If you have 2 pans, hot the other pan and then, transfer the whole food to the other pan by flipping it)
8. Then, it is ready to be served!

A picture of the cuisine

Isn't it nice? Well, you guys can just try it at home as this dish is suitable for teenagers to preaper their own food instead of fast food. Hope you all will like it!

I want some comments please??!!



l y n n w e i said... nice...but too bad, dont have popiah here la!!!

lynthia...hehe...why not u post up abt how to make celery juice, which is very good for health (anti oxidant and anti hypertenstion)

next year i go back, make sure u cook for me!~

Nan0taY said...

Hey....where you get it...or u get it from recipe book?
Tell me!

lynthia said...

I didn't get it from any recipes or anywhere. I got it from my mind. Remember? I make it out myself.