Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese New Year 2006

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody!!!
Well, sorry for not updating my blog for quite a long time. I had no chance to use the computer and the thing that I did the most was just watch the tv only. Well, here I am now to update you all about my life!
Chinese New Year Eve:
I did some hair experiment before the dinner. I tried to curl my hair using a DIY method. Which was, to roll my hair into a bun and then, apply some cream and blow it.All those small buns are really hard to make so, don't judge someone's hair by it's appearance!
Then, walah! Didn't really look like what it was in the pic but, at least it was curly... and MESSY!!!

Well, as usual, we went to Mama's house to have a 'tuan yuan fan' dinner. I wore my new shorts which I really like! Reached there quite early for dinner but, we did helped a bit and chatted. The Gohs came right on time for dinner. Then, we started dinner!
I didn't really eat much because most of the food, I don't really know how to eat. The soup was really fabulous but, too bad I can't eat because of the seafood. I just realised it when I ate it. Then, the dinner went on uncomfortably for me because of the devastating allergy.

Yummy yummy...

Then, we took some pictures together:

It's me sitting on the sofaA picture with Ning
With Abel

And also Mimi

We went to the spot of the sea view and took some pictures and there, it's Lynn Xuan, Ning Jie, Me and Ning

Me with the Group C

Well, everything went well and great. Was quite tired but, at least enjoyed a lot! I will update you all again more on the CNY 2006!
May God bless you all!!!



ManDaGoh said...

Nice nice....the hair.....

lynthia said...

hehe... are you saying it sarcastically?? or, seriously?? haha... coz' i think it was a bit of disaster!! haha...

lucygreene55612392 said...

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ManDaGoh said...

Lol...nolar..the hair quite nice