Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What an egoistic attitute...

I'm sick!!! I just realised it yesterday during Physics class. I woke up that morning with some coughs and then, headed to sch. Physics is the first double period so, I had to suffer the whole morning at sch with terrible headache, burning body temperature, flu and coughs. I first knew it was when I told Audrey that I felt very diff and cold. When she tried to examine my body temp, she was smiling and gave me a thumb-up. *wondering* Then, she said I got fever. Honestly, I felt excited because I haven't got sick yet and I think that I should get some rest from my sch life which had been VERY busy! Then, my headache came and I started to feel very sick. I was still very active during the Eng and History class. But, when time passed, I got annoyed and really wanted to go home. But, at last, I didn't.
Reason 1: I have no transport
Reason 2: I got double period Add Maths at the last two periods
Reason 3: I thought that I am so strong and can stand the sickness which was attacking me
Right after the last bell rang, I felt free and wanted to rush to mummy's car which is very far from my sch (a bit further than Pusat Belia).
When I got into the car, the first thing I said was, "Mummy, I am sick!!!".
Mummy was not really serious with what I said at first. But, when I got home, she asked me to take my lunch then, go to see the doctor. I felt really helpless expecially my headache. It was killing me!!! When the doctor asked me, " Do you want to take a sick lift?"
I, with such egoistic attitute said, " Urm, no need. I have a lot of work to do in sch."
I was so egoistic!!! I thought that I can get well soon but, now, I am at home now. This morning, 4pm, when mummy asked me to drink some warm water, she felt my forehead and was so shocked! My body temp shot up again. She gave me panadol and also the coughing medicine. I felt really sick that time too! When I woke up, daddy asked me whether I want to go to sch or not but, I didn't know what to say. Then, mummy asked the same question again and this time, I said, "I am not feeling well and if I go to sch, I am scared I got headache later."
So, they said ok. After, I took the Leo stuffs and wrote notes to be passed to Pei Ling to help me to manage the Leo stuffs. Now, I have a headache again. Just finished reading through Chap 2 Add Maths and trying some questions.
Please pray for me that I will recover soon!



ManDaGoh said...'re better than me...I owez get headache and nose bleed a...coz' las time when i'm small my mumlor..owez after i bath my hair haven dry, she put me in the sarung since i'm small i owez headache ..really suffer a lot..You never sick, not mean never sick lar...haha...very healthy a like that..but u're owez busy..busy until no time sick..hahah!,dun think anything bad about wht i say jus now...jus wan to tell u my 'pengalaman'haha!nolar...jkjkjk!

Sherp said...

wah, lynthia, i pray that you will get better soon!!! do consider your health on top of school work, i know it's important but take care okay???//////

< u3!y!nG > said...

take care!!!

lynthia said...

tnx... i'm am better now...

l y n n w e i said...

kid nowadays so easy get headache..i never had headache before when in school, even now~