Saturday, January 14, 2006

My FIRST Break Down After 2 Weeks of Add Maths

A lot of my friends said that Add Maths is a really hard subject to learn. But, my sister told me that it would be very easy if you pay attention during class and do a lot of practice. I did all what she said and even tried doing some exercises. I started to like doing Add Maths but, also starting to be annoyed doing Add Maths when came to this day where I broke down into tears because I can't find the answer of an Add Maths question. You all might think that I am a crying baby. But, it was really so annoying and confusing. I knew the way to find the answer but, just can't find it and also can't count the fraction. Plus with my little sister's annoying singing, I first, threw my pen and then, walked out of the room. After, I went into the room again and my mum was telling my not to shout and be angry in front of my grandma. Then, I started to cry and tell her that I can't solve the questions and plus, Lynna is annoying me with her singing. Then, I queitly do my other Add Maths questions with tears in my eyes. At last, I left my Add Maths homework and went out with my mum and sister. I 'lepaskan geram' by buying books from KK Bookstore. I didn't simply buy but, I also thought twice before buying those books. At night, I asked Ning Jie to help me with the questions and I knew what I did wrong. CARELESS MISTAKES!!!
Please pray for me so that I can deal with this subject and can understand what the teacher is teaching. Pray for me. Thank you!
Besides, I also kept cancelling my workings because it was all wrong.

Cancelled working, only one question:

More cancellings:

- _- (sweating)

Even more and bigger cancellings :

- _-(even more sweats!!!)

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Sherp said...

Lyn, i bought one Add Maths book and was doing it the other day. i became really frustrated and so far i'd only done a few exercises. people say it was hard, but my friend and sis said it was easy too. so i feel quite useless and stupid, and i really cant do it. i will pray for you!! jia you

l y n n w e i said...

lynthia..never let yr frustration onto people~

if u cannot do..dont focus on the question...focus on the whole thing...and dont stick to one way of doing but other method..since there is a question, there is definately a solution..

dont'll just make moppet happier~...not that we dont want her to be happy.....ahha..but also, if u cry, makes the condition worst..mommy will be angry and sad, moppet will be lagi notty..

if u cant do a question, then take a deep breath and do it again...if it's too noisy, move somewhere else..dont let your surrounding control you~


lynthia said...

haha... when i cried, mummy didn't say anything and then, when she wanted to go out, she asked me whether i want to go or not. she understands add maths that it is really a difficult subj. but, i know i am going to know how to do it! i believe in God that i can!!!

< u3!y!nG > said...

hey.. be patient o.. what lynnxuan said is right, keep doing it, dun give up. well.. i tot it was easy coz i dun learn as much as u all do in msia. i always have a hard time, figuring it out. i always had to ask my fren. certain times, i solved it myself. do it the next few mins or if not, come back an hour or so. or even the next day, u will get it. that's what i did. and i got the ans.

lynnx01 said...

well, yeah.. i get real worked up when i can't manage to do.. but WOW even your cancelling off is so neat! too neat for add maths la! lol :p you should see my math papers.... like junks! hehehe.. well, don't worry when i get back next thursday i'm gonna teach you... very easy one... hehe. it's like.. once you reach a higher level, you will think of it as easier:) see u soon!

ManDaGoh said... do until cry mer...oh my...if nex time when i'm in form 4..i;m even a lil bit scared now e...but why lynnx say is real...when u reach higher level u will think tht is a piece of cake...haha! Coz' now i'm in form 2..i realise las time form 1 de sc is so easy and i still think tht very hard...but since i'm the youngest now...(secondary school-among all the cousins) I dunno wht to say except those things above...But anywayz...add oil...dun minus oil o..'ll pray for you....

ManDaGoh said...


Sherp said...

u should see my paper.. while doing Add MAths... all over the place

g0hy|3 said...


You can always find me...I will try my best to help you.

Just come over to find me!

I give u face-to-face advice...