Monday, January 09, 2006

Astro Drama Awards 2005

Well, I watched the Astro Drama Awards. It was much better than last year and I had also captured some videos too through the televison. This time, I will try to put some videos in this post. Hopefully it works!
Red Carpet:
I didn't captured any videos during the red carpet but, I did capture some nice pictures through the televison. Well, as usual, taking photos or videos through televsion would be a silly job to do but, quite fun. Of course, quality will be low but, still, at least we can see it.
Pictures and comments:

Ron Ng!!! He was the first to arrive. He was really cute in his black frame glasses and casual suit which really fits him. One problem is that, the pairing up of partner during arrival is really a bad idea. Why? For my opinion, she doesn't fit him. Or, he doesn't fit her. Conclusion, they don't really look good on-screen. I think it's because of Jolene, Miss Chinese Astro 2004 who had a very un-nice hair style. She is pretty but, wasn't really pretty on that night. Her hair style is too fake as in, it should be more natural. The stylist should make the hairt more natural and nicer. Plus, she looked a bit older here. I was actually expecting Vivien Yeo to be his partner of the arrival. P/s: I must admit that taking photos through television is really a silly idea. The picture is very blurr but, Lynna is right. Sometimes, blur picture is nice too.

Myolie Wu! She arrived with Janelle, 2nd runner up of Miss Chinese Astro 2004. She supirsed me with her young, energetic and prety look. I must admit that I was wrong before when I said that she is getting to look older. I said so because I saw her in some of the series she acted and she looked older than her age. But, now, I realise that she isn't. It's might just because of the character which aged her. Wearing a beaut black halter neck dress with a pair of black boots and black gloves, she walked on the red carpet like a big star. Her smile was really sweet. Same goes to Janelle. She always look very sweet though I don't like her hairstyle. But, those two girls were fantastic and were one of the best looking stars on the red carpet.

Chilam Cheung and Charmaine Sheh were paired up to walk the red carpet during the arrival. They looked really couple-like. Chilam, wearing a really handsome black trousers with a white top along with a scarf really made him look smart and mature. He was a bit cool but, cute with those dimples. He was asked to sing his nominated theme song, Point of No Return but, he said he will sing it later IF he wins. About Charmaine, she wore a really beautiful pink short dress, showing off her beautiful legs. She looks really pretty. The same old Charmaine. Her style nvr change. She is always very pretty and joyful. Charmaine and Chilam were nominated for the Most Fav. Couple. I must admit that they are really a very cute couple on screen.

Maggie Cheung, the actress who we always connect to Sherlene. They really look alike. She came out of the car with the Hai San Ge Ge (not sure this is his name or not). She looks really pretty. She has a very fair skin and sweet smile. I watched a HK entertainment news where she stated that she is recovering from her sickness. I'm not sure what was it but, she looked very healthy and I think she had gained some weight. She was a bit plum but, still cansider as slim. She looked very natural and her apparel was indeed fanatstic. Her clothes were really nice and fits her. Indeed a great appearance made by her!

Roger Kwok, who won the Most Fav. Male last year came again! He always look very smart and good. His suit, (WOW!!!) is tremendously smart. All black but, some there was some shinning parts of his suit. This made him looked very smart and cute. He was paired up with the 1st runner up of Miss Chinese Astro 2005 (forgot her name). She looks stunning with her outfit together with the furring scarf across her neck. She looks pretty but, ordinary pretty. They looked OK together unlike the pairing up of Ron and Jolene. I must really say that the way she talks is really the type of 'beauty pageant way of talking'. Her cantonese wasn't that good but, she at least she knows how to speak unlike me. Overall, OK. But, Roger, great look!

Well, I don't think I can put the videos up today. It's taking a very long time to be uploaded into the site. I cannot wait anymore. I am losing my patience!!! Argh!!! Just kidding... Haha... Well, I might put it up if I can but, if not, forgive me. I really want to show the part where Ron was really cute!!! Anyway, will try my best to put it up if succesfully. Pray for me so.


P/s: The cute part of Ron was when he performed his song. He danced!!! I nvr see him dancing and it was really good. The cute part was the part where he almost sang at the wrong pace. At the beginning of the 2nd part of the song, he almost started to sing but, luckily realised it. His reaction was sooo cute and funny. But, I think he was lip-synching that time. Whatever... He still looks and sings good eventhough he did. Unlike Ashely Simspon who lip-synching screwed up when the recorded song was stuck and the band were still playing!!! So embarrasing. Anyway, back to Ron. He was sooo cute when he sang that song. The song was 'Don't Blame Her' which was a slow motion song. But, he sang it in a fast pace. The 'not really nice' part of the performance was the dancers. They danced well but, the costumes were really funny and shouldn't be wore dancing this song. They should wear something more light and not that covered-up. Overall, Ron is cute and good in singing!!!


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