Saturday, April 15, 2006

Our beloved Mama

Mama has returned to the Lord this morning.
Ntg we could do to change the fact but to really pray that her soul will rest in peace and will live the eternal life in heaven with the Lord. Mummy said that it is also better because we don't want Mama to suffer much.
In the morning:
Dad received a call from small uncle this morning that Mama's condition is getting worse. So, we all rushed to the hospital. There, when I went into the ICU Unit, tears started to roll pver my cheeks. At this moment, I realised that the Lord is really taking Mama with Him this time. But, I kept praying to God not to take her away. In my heart, I was crying out to God that I don't want any painful moment in my heart anymore. But, as time passes, I realised that it is enough for Mama. She has suffered much. All we could do now is to pray Mama's soul will rest in peace.

Almost all of us is in my house now. Just planning for the funeral tomorrow. I still can't believe that this is happening. Just can't believe.

But, I would like to thank those who came to visit, messaged and called me. Thanks guys for all the comfortings. I am happy to have a friend like you all. Tnx!

I love you, Mama. I love you!

CNY 2006


Sherp said...

we all miss her, let's continue to pray

n|cö|ee^ said...

*hugz* yes, she's with the Lord now, there's no better place she could be in...

i l l u s i v said...


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