Sunday, April 02, 2006

Still so Busy!

Sorry for not updating this blog for a very long term. Was very busy with a lot of things.
First of all, I am elected as the Secretary of Leo Club for the fiscal year of 2006/2007. Then, I am having an English Drama Competition 2006 on the 8th April. Nextly, I just got a good news that my Tennis Interdivision Competition is still on which is on the 17th to 19th of April. Then, my EAK Competition is on around end of April. Oh gosh! So much things to do on April especially competitions. But, I know I can cope up with all of these. Please pray for me so.

Next news, BAD news. Pluto passed away! I don't want to say it now because I don't want to go through this again. The thing I want to say is that please don't drive too fast on roads especially near housing area. And to the one who did this to Pluto, pls don't do it again and May God bless you.

Last but not least, Mama. She is back in Miri now. Please pray for her as her kidney and kungs are not functioning right now. Please pray for her. We need your prayers. Her heart is beating OK but, it's the complications she is having. So, please pray for her that she will have the faith in God that she will get through this hard moment. Please pray that she will be healed by God's healing power. Please pray that God will spare her a life. Please pray. That's all I can ask from you all who read this. Please pray. Tnx and God Bless you all.

That's all for my post this time!


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