Friday, May 26, 2006

Lagged for a long while from blogging~

Oh well, welcome me back again from busy life to blogging!
Sorry for not updating you all about my life in this blog because I barely had a time to sit down in front of the computer to blog. Was quite busy with sch stuffs. But, because of the holidays now, I am able to just spend a while for my blog.
Well, a lot of things happened during my absence in blogging. First of all, Kuiz Kesihatan, Sem 1 Exam, EAK and a lot more.

Let me talk about my Kuiz Kesihatan for a while.
It was held on the FIRST day of Sem 1 Exam. Though so, I wasn't really worry of anything but, just want to do my best in this competition. Well, honestly, I didn't really study for this but, did a last minute study a night before so, was OK. I was really nervous when Miss Tang told me that I am the 2nd contestant which means, I am not a subsititute contestant. So, gt study hard for this. Well, we went to SMK Luak at around 8 then, were quite nervous and excited. Then, we saw our opponents, SMK Lutong and SMK Riam. After a short briefing, we went up the stage for a rehersal. I had to sit with the other 2 contestants from the other schs because we weren't suppose to sit together with our team. So, trying to be very friendly, I said 'hi' to both of them. The guy from SMK Lutong was responsive and asked me which form I am in Mandarin. (Shocked) I replied, " You know how to speak Mandarin? I thought you are not a Chinese.."
So, he actually showed me his tag and we had a little chat during the competition because during the resting sessions, we had ntg to do. Sadly, we won 2nd. SMK Riam got 1st. Sad sad sad but, it's OK. At least we tried our best!

At least we won first in EAK...which brings me to the EAK topic now...
EAK was held in around beginning of May. EAK is actually the short name for Eksplorasi Alam Kerjaya. It's one of the category in the whole Karnival Pertandingan Sains dan Teknologi. Our sch sent about more than 10 ppl for all types of competition. I joined the Buku Skrap Kerjaya before but, didn't win anything so, decided to join EAK instead. Athirah, Qi Ying, Ming Chai and Wei Huei joined the Media, Kim joined the Poster Drawing and a lot more. Our EAK was about the Obstrectrian and Gynaecology career. Don't think wrong. That's why we want to do it because a lot of ppl think wrongly about this career. Our documentasion book was incredibly thick and I really love our presentation. We were the first one to present but, smth happened. Our sch's laptop doesn't want to connect to the LCD. So, they gave us a chance to fix it first. We panicked and tried all sorts way. I really prayed to God asked Him to help us. And He really did. Abigail checked her pencil case and found her pen drive was inside there. Then, we quickly transfered the infos into the other laptop. Everything went our smoothly. During the Q&A session, I was really gald that I wasn't asked questions because I really had no idea how to answer the questions they asked. Luckily, Marvin answered it very well and I helped to answer one question about the M'sia's populatian aim, which was 70 mil ppl. Then, we went off to wait for the result. We waited for abt 2 hrs. After Ming Chai's group's presentation, they looked very confident and said theirs was the best so far. I really envied them for having the confidence. Then, while announcing the results, we were all standing at the side there to listen for the blurr speaker to announce the results. The first one was for Media. Third, Second then, FIRST, SMK St. Columba!!! Oh my gosh, we got one gold already! Way the go, StcCo! Then, EAK. We were extreamely scared. Third, Second, SMK Dato Permaisuri, our rivalry in EAK!!! OK, it was down to either our sch or SMK Merbau. We didn't want to think because we actaully had the feelings that we are getting it. FIRST, SMK St. Columba!!! 2 golds!!! We were jumping like crazy ppl. Then, the Poster Drawing, Kim won!!! 3 golds!!! That was like the best day of one of my fav competition. Our sch went back with 3 golds and 1 silver and with victory over half of the whole secondary sch categories. So, we will be representing Miri on 15th June in Miri. We will do our best to get the best! Please pray for us!!!

As for Sem 1 Exam, it was just over today. I actually felt relaxed this whole week not because I am confident but, just felt relaxed and no stress. But, I really pray I will do good in them! Pls pray for me!

Well, that's all for the updates. Will update you guys more soon. I will be going for the Astro Concert tomorrow so, might blog about it so, stay tune for more posts!!! (am I advertising my blog or what??) Haha2x.



n|cö|ee^ said...

Heyya!! Great to hear bout the competition...I knew u guys won but didn't know St. Co had done so well :P congrats!

And I know u'll do well for ur exams :) don't stress bout it

Sherp said...

omg... so WOW..
well done in all... EAK sounds hard tho

l y n n w e i said... la!

when i was in school, where got such fun competitions!!

hihi~ glad u had a wonderful time..

hope u got take lots of pic and upload some of them!!! k!!

lynthia said...

hey.. haha.. i was just fortunate to be chosen to join the competition.. hehe...