Sunday, April 10, 2005

Old Floks Home for Tree Maintainence

Wow... Went to Old Folks again for tree maintainence.Weeding, Feeding it with 'baja', and then took pictures. Quite nice too but bored coz' my friends aren't there and I missed a club meeting today. I wanted to go but too bad Michelle wasn't able to go. I won't blame you Michelle, don't worry. Haha...
Anyway, besides going to Old Folks Home, I am glad that Scooby is bad to normal. I mean, before that, he really changed coz' everytime I wanted to go and touch him, he scolded me. I feel really dissapointed but, thanks to God, he changed back again. Phew... Anyway, Brandy got lost on the day before yesterday. Oh me gosh, I went looking for her for a while but can't find her. Thanks to the Jalan 1B auntie, she saw Brandy wondering there and decide to keep her for a while to find who Brandy is belongs to. She called the MPM to ask coz' luckily Brandy was wearing a dog license. And then, the auntie called to my cousin's house and ask. We went there and bring her back and said thank you to her. See, there is still good person on this world. If this case happened on 'Hey Gou', we will surely call her owner but the problem is how are we suppose to call her owner when she is not wearing any license? But, I think we will get her a license soon.
Ok, what am I going to say next. Not Amazing Race lar... Coz' I think you guys will think I am an Amazing Race freak. Mm... ok lar, then I will say about the series Point Of No Return.

Point Of No Return - Last Episode.
Point of No Return's last episode, no other words to describe it except GOOD!!! Not that excellent but it was really good and had fullfill the meaning of good ending. I really wish all the series will have this kind of ending. Good and no regrets. Haha... But, one thing about it is... It was really werid when Sheung Hei just agree be with Tin Chi. I mean, it happens really fast. Plus Tin Chi's glasses make him looks cute and funny. Instead of thinking that he looks more mature, I think his last time look is more mature than wearing those glasses. But those make him cute too.. Haha... another thing I don really understand is that why after 5 years establishing the shipping company, the company is still small. I mean, It should have been better and bigger not small. But, anyway, every scenes have their own reasons right. Anyway, through this series I also realise one thing. It is when we become a doctor, we have to face the risk. When someone becomes a doctor, that person will have to face the risk which is that he/she might get infected by any diseases easily. So, being a doctor is really meaningful. I will remember that.
After Point Of No Return, Net Deception. Not sure what is that but, it should be nice lar.. Hopefully..
So, next week, got few tests : Science, Maths and Sejarah.
Pray for me. Thanks.

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