Thursday, September 29, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 is...

Congrates to Daniel! He had won the title of Malaysian Idol 2, captured 68% of the votes and also 1.2 million votes from the viewers. He deserves it as well!!!

Friday Night Finale:

Daniel: He performed it so good and full of passion. He sang three songs, Mimpi, Angin Malam and Heaven Knows. It was GREAT! He did a splendid job. The best song was Angin Malam where it won the hearts of the viewers as well as the jugdes. He is TALENTED!

Nita: She was also great on that night. She did a good job. She showed up her strong voice and vocals. The best performance among her singings was the song Mimpi.

Daniel's winning is well deserved. He is so talented. He has an unique talent that I think of all top 11 of Malaysian Idol 2 don't have. He can sing very well, playis violin, piano and gitar. It is indeed a talent that we all seldom meet. So, his winning the title of Malaysian Idol 2 is well deserved.

As for Nita's fans, please don't critizise him anymore. He desevres it too. Nita is a good and talented singer. No matter she wins or not, she is still a winner no matter what in all of you guys. So, please don't complain about the results.


Rosa Benito said...

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lynnx01 said...

Looks like you're the only Daniel fan I personally know of. Hahahaha.. all my friends here support Nita, but what the heck, it's just the way how competition goes.

I heard Daniel being interviewed on 98.8 FM two days ago. It was quite an interesting one because he spoke mandarin and sang acapella to Jay Chow's song.


Nan0taY said...

Hey!Aih....actually i dun like to watch Malaysian Idol lar...But u owez watch so sumtimes i oso got watch coz' my sislorr...she wans to watch..I think quite oklar..the judges very tegas hor?It's better than sum judges simply say nia....cannot teach them anything!
Ahhaa....u very geng e...can write so many about the results....