Saturday, February 28, 2009

It is believed...

It is believed that Miss Lynthia is at a certain campsite having camp at the moment. So, I, Hammer the Spammer is here to throw you some updates.

Today the weather in Miri has been cooling with slightly some drizzle. It is a fine Saturday morning with Hammer paying a visit to her favourite dentist, Dr Bob. Hammer found out that she has a buried wisdom tooth which requires a minor one-hour surgery. Yikes!! Horrors of horrors.

Anyway, I penned down this 'dental' experience simply because Lynthia Wong is going to pursue a career in dentistry. See? I always try to make my pieces relevant to the owner of this blog, afterall. 

On another note, do you know that you can try Betsson Casino if you are thinking of trying for €1 000 000? Sources has it that the Arabian Nights video slot jackpot has passed the million mark and may fall out at any time. Don't say I never told you!

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