Saturday, February 21, 2009

Extension? What extension?

Hi, I cannot stop apologising over and over again for being here. Yes, this is another article brought to you by Hammer the Spammer. Miss Lynthia might be so furious that the next thing I know, she would probably change her password and I can no longer access her blog to express myself her.

Forgive me!

Anyway, today, I have a good insight to bring to you. I want to introduce to you a little computer lesson. Have you ever wondered why we need file extensions? For example, a photo in jpeg format has a name called photo1.jpg

In fact, there are a range of file extentions which make life easier for both the system and myself. If I see leehom.mp3 I would probably guess it must be a Lee Hom's song, not some random photo of Lee Hom. But if it is leehom.jpg, then I would definitely know this is must be a gorgeous Lee Hom picture.

File Extension Library helps make your life easier when it comes to file extensions. Find out more about 3g2 if you are curious enough.

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