Monday, February 02, 2009

Diarrhea Attack! Again...

=( I had a bad diarrhea again.. And because of this, I sadly decided that I better avoid my favourite Japanese sushi next time. I do not like having food poisoning at all! I couldn't sleep well on Friday night and even vomitted all the food I ate. The next day, diarrhea attacked me.

Joa also got food poisoned and she claimed it was the greentea which was left overnight that caused the food poisoning. What a coincidence! -_-|| My condition worsened again later on that day, so my parents brought me to MCMC. I received an injection to relieve my stomach discomfort and also some medicines.

And last night, my lil' sister, was suffering from a really bad stomachache that she vomitted so many times. So, Mummy got her to MCMC again. Pity her.. She had to miss her 1st day of school after CNY holidays.

Btw, I am really, really sad that Fed didn't win Aussie Open last night! I was really hoping he would win his 14th Grand Slam title but, Nadal just have to always stop him. =( I really think Fed should have win. He really played well with all the wonderful strokes he hit. Fed was really sad and disappointed that he cried when he receieved his runner-up plate. This really showed how important this title was to him. Hmph!

Nevermind this, Fed. I believe that he can still win more Grand Slam titles this year although many thinks his era is over. We just have to wait and see...

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Sherp said...

aaah i heard of lynna being ill, bt u were taht serious too, oh no! hope ur feeling MUCH better, i'd hate to suffer so much like that.

and fed looks so sad :(